How many of these meals have you had?
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Thread: How many of these meals have you had?

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    How many of these meals have you had?

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    12 of the ones listed I have eaten
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    I've had 30 of them.
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    What about Ground Hog, Rabbit, Horse, and Goat?
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    I've had 10-12 of them depending on slight variations like a different starch. We were fairly well off as my dad's car franchise grew. My mom ate a lot more ( hence some carry over) she was born in '33 in a small farm town in rural Ohio.
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    I have eaten 38 on the list and the 4 listed by CB236 and scrambled eggs with cow brains, fired green tomatoes, pickled green tomatoes, pickled/canned mullet, frog legs, rattlesnake, and some things in Asia that I had no idea what it was..... However, today, I am very particular as to what I eat.
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    Jeez, I guess my family never left the Great Depression! We eat many of those things on a frequent basis! I like many of 'em! Ouch.

    Milk toast - Not a favorite, but, it works well with an iffy stomach.

    Chipped beef on toast - one of my favorite meals

    Cucumber and mustard sandwiches - Yep

    Mayonnaise sandwiches - Yep

    Ketchup sandwiches - Yep

    Hot milk and rice - Was a frequent breakfast when I was growing up

    Turtle/tortoise - Yup, love me some turtle soup or grilled turtle

    Potato soup – water base, not milk - Yep, not as good as milk based, but, still edible and filling

    Bacon grease sandwiches - Yep, although I preferred to spread the grease like butter on toast

    Sugar sandwiches - what the hell kid hasn't?

    Hot dogs and baked beans - One of my kids' favorite meals

    Road kill - I've had twice grilled venison so many times in my life it's not even funny

    One eyed Sam – piece of bread with an easy over egg in the center - LoL at the name, but, yes...frequently have this for breakfast.

    Oatmeal mixed with lard - yup, works almost as good as butter

    Fried potatoes and hot dogs - LoL another one of my kids' favorites

    Deep fried chicken skin - Favorite part of the bird, eat 'em like pork rinds.

    Cornbread in milk - LoL I'm starting to feel old now, thanks.

    Gravy and bread – as a main dish, many times when I was younger. Still do it, but, the gravy has more things in it now.

    Toast with mashed potatoes on top with gravy - Yup, when you have mashed taters left after running out of roast beef, easily stretches to another meal.

    Creamed corn on toast - Yup

    Corn mush with milk for breakfast, fried corn mush for dinner - Yup, especially while camping

    Squirrel - yup, like tree rat

    Rice in milk with some sugar - really? It's called "cereal"

    Beans = Yep

    Banana slices with powdered sugar and milk - Again, what kid hasn't?

    Boiled cabbage - Yay! Love boiled cabbage

    Hamburger mixed with oatmeal - Not often, but, yes, still make this occasionally

    American cheese sandwich: ‘American’ cheese was invented because it was cheap to make, and didn’t require refrigeration that may or may not exist back then. - ROFL, know what..throw it in a frying pan and it makes something called a "grilled cheese sandwich"

    Tomato gravy on rice - Dunno about "tomato gravy", but we frequently make tomato soup and serve it on rice.

    Toast with milk gravy - Yup, throw some hard boiled egg in there and you've got another version of SOS

    Water fried pancakes - Yup

    Chicken feet in broth - Yup

    Fried bologna - Yup, not a favorite by any stretch, but, it used to be common fare at our table when I was growing up.

    Warm canned tomatoes with bread - oh hell yes! Stewed tomatoes are even better

    Butter and sugar sandwiches - And, again, what kid hasn't? Good energy food.

    Fried potato and bread cubes - Yup

    Bean soup - Love bean soup!

    Runny eggs with grits - Umm...breakfast every time I manage to get south of the TN/KY border (Sorry, KY, your grits are terrible :P )

    Butter and grits with sugar and milk - again, every time I'm south. Up here I'll use oats instead of grits.

    Baked apples - Frequent dessert in WI

    Sliced boiled pork liver on buttered toast (slice liver with potato peeler) - yup, not a favorite, but our neighbor made 'em every time I visited.

    Corn meal mush - Yup

    Spaghetti with tomato juice and navy beans - Yep

    Whatever fish or game you could catch/hunt - Yup, still do it as often as I can (I'm not crazy about fish, but give me wild game and I'm a happy man)

    Tomato sandwiches - frequently

    Hard boiled eggs in white sauce over rice - yup

    Spam and noodles with cream of mushroom soup - ::shudder:: yes, there's reasons why I hate SPAM, and this is one of 'em

    Rag soup: spinach, broth and lots of macaroni - yup, still do it occasionally

    Popcorn with milk and sugar – ate it like cereal - yep, was a common breakfast when I was younger.

    Ok guys, very funny, bring back the Constitution now...

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    I have had most of them and I wasn't born until after the depression. I think my Mom remembered a lot of them from her life and shared them with us.
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    Gopher, Everette?
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    I stopped counting at 18.
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