Texas Campus Parking Lot Carry Bill could happen soon - - - - I hope!
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    Texas Campus Parking Lot Carry Bill could happen soon - - - - I hope!

    Don't know how many of you are affected by this, but: the Texas State Legislature is closer than it's ever been to passing a "Campus Parking Lot Carry Bill". (You younger folks who are Texas students should care though). It's not quite a full "campus carry" bill, but it would permit CHL holders to legally leave their weapons locked in their vehicles at any private or state college. Right now, the colleges have the right to ban this. And many of the private colleges do. (And they're the ones who have been fighting against Campus Carry)

    For me it would be a big deal. Being semi-retired, I teach part-time. But I can't transport a weapon even if my truck is parked. Which means that, since I'm only a part-timer, that if I choose to go somewhere after work where I want to carry, right now I have to go trucking all the way back home. bummer. TEchnically I can, since I'm an employee, and not a student. but I don't really want to start a broohaha with our Campus cops who are good guys. They're trained to look for students weapons (for whom it IS illegal) and my weapon being spotted would cause a hassle and I don't need that.

    This would make it not only legal, but would supersede any colleges rules against it. So it's the first step toward a "real" Campus Carry Bill.

    NRA-ILA | Texas Senate Could Consider Campus Parking Lot Bill As Early As Tomorrow
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