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    You've got all the right advice so far. There is no "qualify" requirement in Ohio. The range portion is up to the instructor and will vary a great deal. Have fun and learn as much as you can!
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    I have noticed the pulling down anticipating the firing of the gun, buying snap caps ASAP to help with this problem.
    When you get the snap caps, there's something else that's absolutely a requirement if you want to shoot well - dry firing. I'm sure everybody's heard that you should pull a trigger using the pad of your trigger finger, and depending on the trigger, that may or may not be true. And it's harder than hell to figure out where the sweet spot is on the trigger under recoil. Dry firing allows you to try different pull techniques while observing their affect on sight alignment. Basically you want to find the technique that allows you to pull the trigger and have the firing pin go forward without the sights ever moving off the target. Unlike firing live rounds, you'll know instantly if you did it right.

    When I say technique, what I mean is a little more trigger finger, a little less. You can pull using the muscle that works the tip of your finger, or you can keep the first joint straight and pull with the next muscle up (if that makes any sense to you.) Sometimes pulling with the crook of your finger works best. On some pistols your non-firing hand may have to be adjusted. I've found with some pistols that they demand the firing hand thumb be straight forward or it gets in the way of the last bit of trigger pull.

    The idea is to find the technique that works the best on a particular pistol for your hand. I've dry fired at least three or four days a week for the last thirty years or so. And you can literally do it while you're watching tv. The idea is to pick a target, align the sights on the target, and pull without the sights ever budging all the way until the firing pin is forward. This is important because there's a slight delay from the time you pull the trigger until the round actually exits the barrel, and where the sights are pointed at that instant is what matters. Once you find the technique that allows you to do that - practice and practice and practice. It takes a minimum of twenty-five repetitions of a given movement for you to develop muscle memory, so twenty-five repetitions of the 'correct' technique is kind of a bare minimum.

    One of the big differences between shooting a rifle and shooting a pistol is that pistols tend to be way pickier about the way you tickle the trigger. They have a short sight radius and that amplifies the effect of any movement of the weapon. Plus they're small and easily moved, which adds to the challenge. They're way fun, though.
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    To the OPs questions (and more).
    I took my Ohio course 1 month ago.

    Hint Hint ! ! !
    Call your local sherriff's office NOW!!!! Before lunch! Today!
    My local office only accepts by appointment. The earliest was excactly 1 month later. (tomorrow for mine)
    Nearby counties also required appointments. Late July for one and late August for another.
    They don't ask if you passed.

    As to the requirements:
    Written test by the instructor. It only covered the parts of a gun. SA/DA - barrel - trigger. Not one questions about self defense situations or legal issues. (strange I thought)
    Shooting is purely safe handling. Not if the rounds stayed in the rings. Some ladies with revolvers were lucky to stay on the paper.


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