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Thread: 627 CC Question

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    627 CC Question

    I have a 627SS Tracker. It is my only gun currently and I try to use it for everything (e.g., hiking/backpacking, concealed carry, home defense etc.). In terms of concealed carry, I recognize the pistol is pretty heavy (36.4 oz I think) but I've seen some people say they don't like the 627 for concealed carry because of the porting. Why is that a problem? Is it because if the gun accidentally goes off in an IWB holster or something, the perpendicular direction of gas would burn and injure me? I was just curious if that is the reason porting is not ideal for carrying or if there was another reason? Thanks!

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    I personally just don't like porting on anything. That's just me. But the only potential problem with having a ported barrel on a carry firearm, might be the porting flash in low level light situations. You wouldn't want to be blinded. With .357 Mag. loads, that's a possibility, even without porting. Other than that possibility, I don't see a problem carrying it at all. If you comfortable with it, it sounds like a good choice.
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    There is also the possibility of injury to the shooter if fired while being held close to the body (from the hip) like in a grappling situation with a bad guy or very close quarters situation where you cannot get arm extension.
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    The muzzle blast coming out of the porting is the major problem as some have already stated as as to why.
    There are several other things to look at.

    Should the gun be shot at night or very low light conditions one will lose the night vision at a critical time when seconds count.

    Trying to find your assailant/s under these conditions would be most difficult. Granted, some ammo makers use low flash powder or salts to keep flash down. A lot do not.Or there are not as many low flash .357 magnum types of rounds out there.

    The muzzle blast will be horrendous with a great amount of it directed back at you. This will cause deafeness when you least can afford to have that sense go out on you or be severely impaired. That's indoors or outdoors. Indoors will magnify the blast. The sound will reverberate off the walls and come at you from all angles.Extreme concussive blasts are not something to have to handle when fine motor skills are gone, with a great adrenalin dump, fight or flight kicks in, under great duress,with all of this going on at the same time.
    And being under fire or worse.

    You could induce flinch. You might be used to the 627s blast, but that is with ear protection in place, or should be. Without the ear protection in place it is a very real consideration. Practice with some kind of hearing protection.

    There is good common sense reasons why most or all of my .357 magnum revolvers get used with +P 158gr. LSWCHPs, or 135gr. Gold Dots, or 125gr. +P ammo. These are THE yardsticks which many calibers and types of ammo are measured against. These have a well documented cases for many decades of being extremely efficient at stopping violent aggression. The first fellow who was shot with the .38 Special 158gr. LSWCHP,+P version, dropped like sack of rocks immediately. All violence ceased. He weighed in at 300 pounds.

    Use the .357 magnum ammo if you want. Just be aware there are handicaps that may well not be overcome with ported barrel use fpr CCW carry.

    Golden Saber and Gold Dot ammo usually are low flash ammos.

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    You've got great answers so far. I'd like to add that if your revolver "goes off" in an IWB holster, getting burnt isn't your major concern.
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