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Thread: List of Holster Makers

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    That's a really good list they've worked up. There's holster makers listed on it for every price range from cheap over the counter stuff like Uncle Mike's to custom work from folks like Milt Sparks and a whole lot of good manufacturers in between. It ain't comprehensive (what list is) but it does make a REALLY good place to start.
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    Great idea for a thread.

    This could very well end up being "Sticky" material.
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    Thanks for the post. Great to get ideas from for the guy who wants to make his own.
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    I'll add one to the list. Have any of you heard of Don Holsters in Frankfort, KY? Met him at a recent gun show and purchased one of his OWB holsters for my Kel-tec pf9. Very nice work he does.

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    This link is a variation on this theme...long list of holsters carried by weight and height found on another forum, thought it would be useful Height, Weight, Firearm & Carry Method?
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    Thanks.. I'd like to find a decent pocket one for my 5 shot 905 revolver I got the other day.

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    10% Kholster Discount

    10% Kholster discount good thru March 26, 2013 for anyone wanting to use - discount code VC15471568.

    This was on order acknowledgment for a new Little Moon I recently ordered - thought I would pass on.
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    I have found Winthrop Holsters to be of great quality and reasonable price.
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    This is the original list referred to in my first post. Some of these sites are no longer available. As pointed out in some of the posts in this thread, this list is a starting point. So not all/most makers are not on the list. If you know of a good holster site please post with a link to that site.

    5 shot Leather - 5 Shot Leather, LLC - Home 5shotleather
    A Holster Company - Home Page
    A.E. Nelson -
    AJ Concealco - Miva Merchant: Fatal Error
    Aker Leather - Aker International, Inc.
    Alabama Holster Co. - Alabama Holster & Gun Company | Concealment Products That 'Just Plain Work'
    Alessi Holsters -
    Alfonso's Gunleather - Alfonsos gunleather gunbelts and leather gun holsters
    Andrews Leather - Andrews Leather Catalog
    Arizona Gun Leather -
    B&D Concealment Holsters - The Leading Bd Concealment Holsters Site on the Net
    Bandera Gunleather -
    Bell Charter Oak Holsters - BELL CHARTER OAK CUSTOM HOLSTERS (607) 783-2483
    Bianchi - Bianchi Leather Holsters, Concealment Holsters, Duty Holsters and Duty Gear - Homepage Content
    Black Hills Leather - Black Hills Leather - The best custom gun leather western holsters & rigs
    Blackhawk -
    Blade Tech -
    Boston Leather - |
    Brigade Gunleather - Custom Holsters- Brigade Gun Holsters | Shop for Custom Leather Holsters
    Brommeland Gunleather - Holsters Concealment Systems Gunleather Concealed Carry for Weapons
    Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - Home
    Bulman Gun Leather -
    C5 Leather - Home Page
    C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works - C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works - Custom Concealment Holsters
    Center of Mass Holsters - Kydex Holsters
    Combat Gun Leather - Home
    Cobra Gunskin -
    Comp-Tac - Comp-Tac : Top-Quality Firearm Accessories
    Coronado Leather - Coronado Leather | Handcrafted Firearm Concealment Leatherwear Handbags/ Luggage/ Jackets/ Law Enforecement
    CR Speed - Rescomp Handgun Technologies - CR Speed
    Cross Breed Holsters -
    Custom Carry Concepts - Custom Carry Concepts, LLC - Home
    D.M. Bullard Leather - Gun Leather, Concealment and Cowboy holsters, Azle, TX.
    Dale Fricke Holsters - Dale Fricke Holsters
    De Santis - Welcome to DeSantis Gunhide®. "We didn't invent concealment, we just perfected it." ? DeSantis Holster
    Del Fatti - Del Fatti Leather
    Don Hume - Don Hume Leathergoods, manufactures high quality leather and nylon goods.
    Durango Gun Leather - Texas Ranger Belts,Tapered Belts,leather belts,gunleather
    Eagle Industries -
    El Paso Saddlery - El Paso Saddlery - Holsters
    Fin Designs - FIN designs
    Fist - FIST, Inc.
    Fobus Holsters - Fobus Holster
    Front Line Ltd. - front_line, holsters
    Galco - Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters
    Garrity's GunLeather - Garrity's Gunleather - Exquisite Hand-Crafted Holsters
    G-Code Holsters - G-Code Holsters and Accessories for Tactical Carry Systems
    Ghost Holster - Untitled Document
    Gould and Goodrich Holsters - Gould & Goodrich | A passion for protection
    Gradfather Oak Custom Carry - index
    Grahams Custom Leather - Site Disabled - FreeServers
    Grassburr Leather Works, Inc -
    Gunworks - Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,
    Haugen Handgun Leather -
    Hazel Leather - Hazel Leather
    HBE Leatherworks - H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks
    High Noon - High Noon Holsters, Gun Holsters and Concealment Holsters
    Hillsman Holster - Hillsman Holster Company
    Hoffners - Hoffners Custom Leather Holsters
    Holsterama - JBP Holsters / Holsterama Home Page
    Horseshoe Leather -
    International Handgun Leather - International Handgun Leather - Home
    JRC Holsters - Handmade Horsehide Holsters
    JS Holsters -
    J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products - O'Rourke Leather
    K.L. Null Holsters - K.L. Null Holsters Home Page
    Kirkpatrick Leather - Kirkpatrick Concealment Holsters
    Kramer Leather - Gun Holsters | Custom Handgun Holster | Kramer Leather
    Lightning Arms Sports - Lightning Arms Sports
    Little Bear Holsters -
    Little Feather Leather -
    The Malabar Front - Raven Concealment Systems
    Master of Concealment - Concealed Carry Holsters, Products and Clothing, Concealment Holsters, CCW Holsters, Handgun holsters
    Mernickle Holsters - MERNICKLE HOLSTERS
    Milt Sparks - Milt Sparks Holsters
    Mitch Rosen - Mitch Rosen Gunleather
    Monica Kuehn Leather - Monica Kuehn Leather, LLC
    Mountain Home Leather - Mountain Home Leather-Custom Holsters,Belts,Knife Sheaths,Saddle Bags and More
    Nosser GunLeather - NOSSAR GUNLEATHER
    Nevada Gun leather - Nevada Gun Leather: Fine leather holsters, belts, slings and other goods
    Nick Matthews Holsters - NM Holsters - Home
    Pacific Canvas & Leather - Pacific Canvas & Leather Co. Inc. |*
    PagerPal -
    Peters Custom Holsters - Peters Custom Holsters
    Pistol Packaging, Inc - Pistol Packaging Inc.-Online Store
    Pocket Concealment Systems - Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc.: Main Catalogue Page
    Pro Carry Holsters -
    Pure Kustom Holsters -
    PWL USA - PWL USA: holsters, pouches, belts
    Python Holsters - Python Holsters
    Rafter S Gunleather -
    Raven Concealment - Raven Concealment Systems
    Ray's Holsters - Your Gun Holster, Gun Purse and Leather Concealed Carry Source
    Rick Waltner Holsters - Rick Waltner Holsters - Home
    Ritchie Leather Company - Ritchie Leather Co., Inc: Amherst, NY
    RKBA Holsters - Home - RKBA Holsters
    RF Holsters -
    RM Holsters - Home Page
    Ross Leather - Ross Leather Online - Full Range of Holsters Rigs Belts and Accessories - Buy from Ross Leather Online
    Ryan Grizzle Leather - Holsters by RGrizzle
    Safariland - SAFARILAND? - Error
    Sickinger - SICKINGER Holstererzeugung / Sportholster / Behördenholster / Holsterzubehör / Websitelayout und -konzept: Mag. (FH) Roland Voraberger ([email protected])
    Side Armor -
    Side Guard - Side Guard Holsters - Home Page for Custom Leather Holsters
    Simply Rugged Holsters - Simply Rugged Holsters ? Holsters, Gun Belts, Ammo Pouches and Accessories
    SmartCarry - SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters
    Southern Holsters - Southern Holsters, LLC
    Strong Holsters -
    Sunrise Leather - Holsters - Handcrafted Leather, Concealed Carry Holsters, Gun Belts
    Survival Sheath Systems - SURVIVAL SHEATH SYSTEMS : Kydex Shoulder and Chest Holsters
    TacPro (Kydex) - TAC_PRO
    Tagua GunLeather -
    Talon Tactical (Kydex) - Talon Tactical
    Tauris Holsters - Tauris Holsters, L.L.C. - Custom Leather
    Ted Blocker - - Ted Blocker Holsters
    Tennessee Holster Company - Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,
    The Leather Arsenal -
    The Wilderness - Tactical Gear, Tactical Equipment, Duty Belts, Slings, USA
    Trojan Tactical - Trojan Tactical
    TSC Holsters - Welcome to TSC Holsters
    TT Gunleather - TT GunLeather High Quality Leather Gun Holsters
    Tucker Gun Leather - Tucker Gun Leather | Premium Leather Gun Holsters
    Tuff Products - Tuff Products
    UBG Holsters - UBG Holsters
    Uncle Mikes - Uncle Mike's - The Leader in Shooting Accessories
    Vega holsters - Vega Holster
    Wild Bills - Wild Bill's Concealment | Holsters and Accessories for Concealed Carry
    You can get a lot with a smile but you can get a lot more with a smile and a gun...Al Capone

    Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth...Mike Tyson

    On different calibers for self-defense: If you can hit what you aim at it doesn't matter...if you can't it doesn't matter. So, it doesn't matter...aphdmansoc

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    Anybody see/handle one of these holsters for an opinion?
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