I thought that I'd write up a review on my SHTF Gear Holster now that I've worn it for about six months. Initially I was very impressed with the look of this holster; it looks similar to other IWB holsters on the market but much more professional and higher quality with its kevlar stitching and dyed edges. I'm pleased to note that after six months the initial appearance and function of the holster haven't diminished at all. If anything, my opinion of the holster has actually improved over the last several months as the leather has formed to by body shape. This holster has allowed me to comfortably and discreetly carry my 709 in every situation I've been in: bicycling, attending university classes, relaxing at home, hiking, traveling in the car, and attending formal events.

I wear my holster at the 4-5 o-clock position and I've been impressed with how well it conceals my 709; after six months my mother still asks me occasionally if I'm carrying -- I've told her before that I'm ALWAYS carrying but I think she still asks because it's nearly impossible to tell with this holster (granted, the 709 is slim enough that it would be hard to spot in any IWB holster). I absolutely love this holster and recommend it to everyone looking for a quality IWB holster. There are a couple of places that sell less expensive leather/kydex holsters out there, but none that can match SHTF Gear for quality.

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