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Thread: ID. . . OH. . . SD. . . VA. . . WV. . . Training. . . St. RKBA

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    ID. . . OH. . . SD. . . VA. . . WV. . . Training. . . St. RKBA

    IDAHO — Permitless Carry in Idaho now applies to Non-Residents. HB 516 was signed by the Governor and will take effect July 1, 2020. Idaho was permitless carry for non-residents outside incorporated cities but not in them. HB 516 now makes Idaho a total Permitless Carry State for everyone 18 or older who can legally possess a firearm. They only had to strike 2 words and add 4 words to the statute to make this change. You can read the bill at

    OHIO — From the Buckeye Firearms Association. www.buckeyefirearms.orgHouse Bill 197, with an amendment to address Concealed Handgun License expirations, has unanimously passed in the House and Senate and Will/Has been signed by the Governor. The legislation extends the expiration date of Ohio Concealed Handgun Licenses for 90 days if the expiration falls during the state of emergency in Ohio, declared by Executive Order 2020-01D, issued on March 9, 2020, but not beyond December 1, 2020. You should renew as soon when your Sheriff takes renewals. Don't wait for the last minute and face possible delays.

    Remember that law enforcement in other states may not be aware of the expiration date extension for Ohio licenses. Use caution when traveling out of state with an expired Concealed Handgun License.

    WEST VIRGINIA — Governor has signed Senate Bill 96 to expand Preemption that local governments can only have ordinances that are no stricter than state law. This also covers Pepper Spray and Knives

    WEST VIRGINIA - He also signed HB 4955 which cuts the cost of Permits in half. These two new West Virginia statutes take effect on or about June 1, 2020.

    SOUTH DAKOTA — In July 1 2015 South Dakota Started Issuing Enhanced Permits. With those first ones issued coming up for renewal South Dakota passed HB1182 which spells out the renewal process. It requires additional Range and Classroom time to renew. You can read the bill at

    SOUTH DAKOTA - Effective July 1. You have to info authorities if you are going to carry in the Capitol or County Courthouses. Senate Bill 98 allows those carrying to give a range of dates they will be carrying in those places and not just daily.

    VIRGINIA - HB264ER Effective January 1, 2021 Removes Online training as acceptable to meet the training requirements for a Virginia Carry Permit. You can read the Bill at

    Being a firearms instructor for over 25 years I have finally found a drill online that covers one area I go into in my classes that is not discussed very often. Shooting from the Ground. You can practice all parts of this drill, in the comfort of your home, when Dry Firing. You should practice it first dry firing paying attention not to sweep your body with the muzzle. I highly recommend you at least read it. Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training does a fantastic job of covering this aspect of self defense training at https://www.activeresponsetraining.n...rom-the-ground.

    I want to highly recommend that you join your states RKBA Organization. Owners and non-owners of firearms saw what happened in Virginia. The Dems took control and bans and confiscation took center stage. Only the people standing up in mass kept most from going through. The Virginia Citizens Defense League President stated that they didn’t start the Sanctuary Movement but they did help facilitate it and they did lead the Lobby day with 10’s of thousands showing up at the capitol. Their presence made a huge difference. So contact your State or Regional RKBA Org. Check them out and consider joining. State Orgs are leading the defense of our rights and deserve all the support we can give them.

    These changes will be added on the appropriate documents at when they become effective.
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    Thanks Gary! I appreciate all of your hard work.
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    Thanks for the updates.
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    Always nice to see your updates, thanks!
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