What is CCWSafe?, best you check the web site rather than me explain it. LOL

Episode 54 Deals with a discussion with a Lawyer they have on Retainer (or some agreement to contact her for defense cases).

Anyway, the main thing I was surprised about is:

My name was mentioned at just after 49 MIN when they read a comment I had sent in after watching Episode 53. I was amazed they read my comment on the Podcast.

BTW, I did receive a tumbler (drinking container with lid - nice one with CCWSafe printed on it that was a surprise also.

In case you want to watch Episode 54, click the U-Tube Link. Other Podcasts show up as well.

Basically, my comment about Episode 53 to them was: Watching the VIDEO Version of a Podcast gave me the impression they are sincere in their mission to educate and defend members (defend legally their members regarding the use of force in a defense situation).

I think Members or Non-Members can watch these episodes. Go to their web site and sign up. I get an E Mails alerting me to new ones and watch from a link in that E Mail.

There are regular podcasts that are audio (I guess will be Video also now). They do provide information regarding Self Defense and the CONSEQUENCES that can happen after an event. The Podcasts are a bit long (done on kind of a friendly chatting platform).

You may be interested in one of their membership programs if you carry for defense (actually, even if you don't carry and use some other weapon for defense). I suggest investigate the aspects of the Legal Defense (if you ever do Self Defense, there is a good chance you will need some support).