I need a new carry method.
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Thread: I need a new carry method.

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    Question I need a new carry method.

    As I travel North of 70 years old I find things change medically more often than not and cause different changes in my behavior and routine. I am going through one of these new changes and it's no fun.

    I have not had high blood pressure in the past so it was quite a surprise this week when I was diagnosted with pulmonary hypertension. This is a fairly rare form of high blood pressure that only takes place inside the lung. In my case it has happened in the upper left side of the lung. Basically it compresses the veins and arteries in the lung which restricts the amount of oxygen that goes to the body. I am told there is no cure but it can be controlled with an inhaler and medication. I cannot walk more than about 20 feet or do any exertion without completely losing my breath.

    My problem is I am now dependent on an electric scooter to get around. Sitting on the scooter it is difficult to access my carry weapon in the way that I usually do it. I have been carrying in an OWB holster at about 4:00 but on the scooter with arm rests and the contoured seat I cannot draw without getting up.

    My CCW of choice is a Bond Arms 9mm Bullpup. It is small, accurate, and I have no desire to change to something different.

    I am thinking a belly bag worn on the front will solve my problem. 5.11 Tactical sells one that has caught my interest. Has anyone had experience with a belly bag? Any thoughts on an alternative way to carry that might address my problem?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas.

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    I have used one for concealed carry at particular events during the summer months for concealed carry and it worked out very well. It seems to me that it would be an ideal solution for your situation. I would make one suggestion, however, that is that since most have a zipper closure system, so either find one with Velcro or just keep it unzipped for unhindered access.
    Best of luck to you.
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    Chest pack. Holds you gun, flashlight, wallet, really all of your daily needs on your chest. No more trying to dig into you pockets while seated.

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    Just a thought, would an ankle holster possibly work? From a sitting position it would only be an arm length away.
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    How about a crossdraw? I use it when driving long distances as it is more accessible when seated.
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    Tote that pistola in your purse....
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    Put a gun rack on it and put your AR in it like I do my ATV. Well, I guess you'd have a tough time splainin' it at the door of wally world unless you had a handicapped permit....

    Being serious for half a second, look into cross draw holsters.
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    Pintle mount between the handlebars.

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    Seriously, the belly bag or fanny pack thing would work but I like the crossdraw idea better. Simple is better .
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    I carry IWB at about the 1 o'clock position. Gotta keep the barrel shorter than 4" however. It works very well when drawing from a sitting position.

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    I have the same medical problem as you and I started carrying cross draw right after becoming mobile again. I can use either hand to draw with sitting ot standing.
    I use either a belt holster or a shoulder holster.

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