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Thread: Gun carry safety fails in the news :(

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    ^^ A Glock that will never shoot anyone in the leg!
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    I agree with your statement 100% things happen. accidental discharge is usually 99% of the time human error or some form of human meddling was involved.
    Quote Originally Posted by GhostHorse View Post
    I think all that would take is a firing pin that's jammed forward.

    Guns are machines. Machines malfunction. A lot of smart engineers have put a lot of effort into making sure it's a very rare, unusual event in modern handguns, but to think that guns never accidentally discharge is unfortunately unrealistic. The vast majority of stories that sound like accidental discharge boil down to fingers on triggers when they shouldn't have been, but (to give one example that doesn't involve cheap guns) the whole reason people don't traditionally carry six in a single action Colt is that they don't trust the half cock notch. Because (coming back around to the main point) machines malfunction.
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    There is ONLY ONE safety ---- " IN BETWEEN THE EARS " no other excuses
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    I find it interesting how glock fans will always chime in and say "it has a firing pin block and a trigger safety so it cant go off accidently."

    A firing pin block ONLY prevents the firing pin from moving if the gun is impacted/dropped in a manner that would that would cause inertia to move the firing pin.
    A trigger safety in the style Glock uses (as well as Taurus, S&W, Springfield, etc.) ONLY prevents the trigger from moving if the gun is impacted/dropped in a manner that would cause inertia to move the trigger.

    Guess what? BOTH of these are USELESS if anything catches the trigger, since pulling of the trigger disables them both. This can happen from shirts, worn or soft leather holsters, or anything else if the trigger is not covered.

    (I also think the M&P variation is the absolute worst implementation of this type of safety I've ever seen. If the hinge point breaks, you have half a trigger.)
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