How and what do you carry?
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Thread: How and what do you carry?

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    How and what do you carry?

    I have a single stack 9mm (ec9s) and a g2c which is double stack.
    I alternate between the both and inside the waistband and outside on the belt.
    I live in a small quiet town so around here I usually carry the single stack. Whenever I go to a bigger city such as Akron or Dayton I carry the double stack, depending on the weather inside or on the belt.
    I'm getting to the age I dont run as fast or fight like I could when I was younger. And we know that the older you are the more you are a target for crime.
    I would rather stand before a jury than to get brutally beaten or murdered, there are some ways you just dont want to go. That goes for my wife and any loved ones who may be with me at the time.
    What are some other thoughts.

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    Alternate among the following:
    Taurus 856UL for OWB or Ankle;
    Beretta Pico for Pocket Carry;
    Kel-Tec P-32 for Pocket Carry or Ankle Carry;
    Bersa Thunder 380 for OWB but it's more of a bedside gun.

    I usually carry in these combinations depending on the circumstances:
    Pocket and ankle
    OWB and ankle
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    I carry either my S&W 642 or my Kahr CM9. Depending on clothing, either can be pocket carried in an Uncle Mike's #3 or IWB in kydex holsters at 4:00.
    Taurus M65
    S&W 642
    FNH FNX-9
    Kahr CM9
    Canik/TriStar S120
    Browning Buck Mark Plus
    Savage/Stevens M58 20ga.
    Remington Speedmaster .22

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    I have a few to choose from like the PT 111 G2 and the CZ 75 Compact, but the one that gets carried all the time now except where prohibited is the S & W Shield 45 ACP IWB.
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    Most of the time-
    Bersa Thunder Plus 380. Occasionally a Thunder 380 CC in the pocket.
    Some time-9mm Canik C-100 or TP9 Elite.
    Rarely a Kahr CW9 or Walther PPS.
    Almost always OWB.
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    Body shape dictates method of carry. I've tried IWB and found it to be too much trouble to "gear up". The longer I stay in the carry game the lighter and smaller my weapon of choice becomes. Right now I'm carrying a Ruger LC9s Pro in either a kydex OWB which rides high, the bottom is even with the bottom of my belt. Very comfortable and handy. I also carry the same gun appendix in a "Sticky". It too works well for me.
    I just acquired a leather shoulder holster for my Taurus PT92. I've not used it yet, waiting for the opportune time. I have nylon shoulder holsters for nearly every handgun I own. I usually use those for walking in the woods or to town in cold weather.

    I have a leather pancake OWB for my G2 that sees some use and a shoulder holster as well.

    My other regular carry is a Taurus 85UL. I have a OWB pancake and a appendix sticky for it too
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    I've taken to carrying an SCCY CPX2 9mm and a Taurus TCP in a belly band - SCCY on my right and the TCP on the left, both at a good draw height and extra mags for each.
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    Up until last week I carried a XDE 9mm. which just went back to get the trigger pin replaced. But carryng now my new 605 357 mag. at 3:00.
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    Depends on what I can hide, what I can wear to hide it without standing out, where I'm going and what I'm doing when I get there.

    Somedays, I could get away with carrying a whippet gun ala Clyde Barrow. Other days, I'm satisfied if I can hide a Beretta Tomcat insead of having to carry my 'nose gun' (as in you shove it up their nose and pull the trigger) which is a Davis .32ACP derringer.

    Normal carry is a Rossi 720c (DAO, 3" full underlug, fixed sight 5 shot .44Special). On occasion, a Colt Combat Commander or a Para Ordnance P.13/45 will take its' place.
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    Casual clothes winter carry: Taurus PT111 G2 AOWB Paul Vitagliano leather clip on.

    Casual clothes summer carry: Ruger LCPII AOWB (same maker), leather clip on. Big fan of Paul Vitagliano holsters.

    If I'm wearing a suit/tux to an event: NAA .22WMR Mini-Revolver w/ folding clip holster in right pocket.

    Regular work chef wear (pants and chef jacket): Same NAA .22WMR as above.
    I like the NAA Mini-pistol for formal wear and for when I am wearing my chef attire since it is lightweight, extremely concealable, and has the biggest punch per weight ratio available, albeit only 5 rounds.

    Ammo is Sig V-Crown in the G2 9mm, and the LCPII 380. The NAA is CCI .22WMR 1275fps.

    All clothing is retained in place by a Kore Essentials TrakBelt. I have one dress belt for formal and one tac belt for casual and work wear. I wear Gold Toe over-the-calf socks exclusively (dress and casual) and am partial to Hanes 100% cotton briefs (XL of course). My full time utility watch is a Orient Mako II in black with cyclops day & date complications and retrofitted with Seiko SKX007 band - accurate, durable, waterproof, and easy to read at a glance. My EDC set is a Spyderco Endura 4 w/ partial serrations (for boxes and such), and a Streamlight Microstream USB 250 Lumens Adjustable Focus. Pen is a Cross Stainless Steel medium point black and I also carry a Zebra PM701 Stainless Steel refillable permanent ink marker (a chef thing) since they discontinued the Sharpie Stainless Steel Markers. Zebra's are an excellent alternative and can also be used to jam in the eye of a potentially uncooperative vendor. I also wear 5.11 ATAC 8" Tac Boots for work. They provide excellent ankle and foot support. I have 2 bionic knees and need the added support. Also, I bat right-handed and chew Juicy Fruit (lessee who gets that reference.)

    I think that's about it. Additional information provided upon written request.
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