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Thread: Concealed carry ammo for PT 111 G2

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    Welcome from Missouri! I recommend continuing to try out different brands to see which cycle thru it (probably all of them). If you have friends that will give you a few rounds that would be great. I've ran different brands from hornedy to freedom munitions to have an idea of what can be used in mine.
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    Here's another vote for the Federal 124gr HST JHP. It's what I carry exclusively in my G2. But you can't go wrong with the Hornady Critical Defense as well.
    If you do a search on YouTube, user ShootingTheBull410 does some excellent tests with various rounds and calibers, and you may enjoy seeing his results.
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    + 1 for the HST. Target Sports sells it in boxes of 50 at responsible prices.

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    I have stocked up on a few boxes of the IMI 9mm HP rounds. They cycle well in my pistols and feel like a +P when firing. When I bought them from another seller they posted a caveat that they might not fire in all pistols due to the hard primers they use as they are originally intended for the UZI. They all light off fine in my handguns.
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    What cycles reliably?

    Out of what cycles reliably, what shoots the straightest?

    That's the one to use.

    If it won't feed, extract and eject, hen it won't do you any good. If it won't hit where you are aiming, then it won't do you any good.

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