An interesting way to carry...
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    An interesting way to carry... click on "Law Enforcement" then "Hydration Packs" then "Concealed Carry."

    For us outdoorsy types. Would make a good hunting/camping/fishing/biking/hiking pack for concealed carry. They make a backpack and a fanny pack. Includes a holster and mag pouch.


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    Re: An interesting way to carry...

    I spotted those a little while back. That fanny pack really tempts me as it isn't black and has a functional hydration set-up. Now that's low-key for carry! I wish that they would say what size gun it would handle though, there is a big difference between a small frame revolver and a service pistol. I know that I should just call and ask but until I'm ready to spend the money I don't feel that I should waste Customer Service's time. IF I start bicycling this year like I hope to I will be getting one of these (regardless of gun size). Would also be a nice option for hiking in hot weather.

    The backpack might be nice but I'm not willing to spend that kind of money for something that does not appear to give easy access to the gun. Then again for a vehicle bug-out type bag it might be real handy.

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