My Clinger Hinge Holster review
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Thread: My Clinger Hinge Holster review

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    My Clinger Hinge Holster review

    I recently received from Clinger the IWB Hinge Holster "package deal". This is the Clinger IWB Hinge Holster, and extra kydex shell, clinger cushion and their assorted clips and fasteners. The idea behind this package is to give you enough parts to easily convert the IWB Hinge Holster into an OWB holster as well if desired and sufficient parts with the extra shell to create your own Gear or Low Rider holsters as well.

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    I use a Taurus G2C as my EDC and had previously used a Crossbreed Super Tuck and for the few times appendix a De Santis Sof Tuk 2.0. While the Super Tuck was very comfortable and had been my long time favorite for a 3.5 to 4 o'clock, the handle of my hand gun didn't stay tight enough against my side when bending or other activities. To help prevent a print disclose of my concealed carry, I've continued to look for solutions in the background.

    I'd seen several reviews of the prior Clinger "No Print Wonder" holster and wanted to try out their newest offering. Much of the design is very similar, but Clinger Holsters clearly invested in continual improvements of their products. One of the changes I've noticed is that the kydex shell is designed for either left or right draw and the associated Hinge tab is installed for the customers selection of left or right draw. This allows the shell to be easily reused (or with the full package, the second shell) for a Gear holster with an adjustable cant clip or the Low Rider appendix carry configuration.

    The Hinge Holster does a fantastic job of pulling the handle of my Taurus G2C against my body. In fact, with the aggressive grip stipple on the handle of the G2C, you'll want an under shirt, I'd used to have it right against my skin but the tight fit left me raw at the end of the day. Other handguns with a less aggressive grip, or the G2C with some gun tape over the existing grip may be just fine without that undershirt.

    Yes the holster is tuck-able both as the Hinge Holster and the Low Rider Appendix carry configurations. The Gear clip for the Gear holster configuration is not tuck-able.

    To give you a better view of the kydex shell, I have a couple images below. I've already put the velcro dots on the shell's for the Clinger cushion, which feels great, so not all the screw holes are shown but it is a mirror image of the opposite site. I've also put an image that shows the sight channel on the kydex shell, plenty of room for a number of sight options. I have the Truglo TFX Pro sights installed on my G2C and the holster appears to be custom made for it.

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    What is very nice about the holster is it's retention. You can easily adjust it with the two screws in the lower portion of the holster and Clinger Holsters provides a number of screws and spacers to fine tune the retention. It is recommended to use some lock tight once you have it in the correct configuration as the fasteners can loosen over time. In addition, the holster completely covers the trigger as well as the magazine release on the handle. This is nice as you don't have to worry about accidentally having released the magazine when you sit or go about your day only to have to deal with slapping the magazine back into the handgun when you need to use it. The design of the shell is different than the prior designs as I don't see a specific sweat guard on one side, but that means you don't have extra kydex digging into you and the provided cushion does a great job of protecting the slide of the handgun from sweat and skin oils.

    The Clinger cushion is also very easy to position and has both comfort and sweat wicking away in the design. By using the velcro dot's you can remove the cushion and easily use it on the other shell when switching holsters as well as for washing (I'd treat it as a delicate laundry item to ensure a long cushion life).

    I'm placing my older holsters in a box along with all the others I've tried over the years (Galco, Uncle Mikes and whatnot) and now using the Clinger Hinge Holster as my EDC. A very secure feeling that is also easy to draw when it's time to use it or if you are practicing tactical drills.

    As one Taurus user to another, I believe you cannot go wrong using Clinger Holsters.
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