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    Here is a small point that has a big operational impact: Notice that the Kydex is not molded snugly around the back edge of the safety lever. Some Kydex holster makers snug it around everything, but in fact, snugging it around the trailing edges makes it unnecessarily difficult to withdraw the weapon and causes unnecessary finish wear. Retention should be done at the trigger guard, not the entire gun. That means the holster manufacturer has to put blocking on the trailing edges of protrusions, which is an extra step not all of them take.
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    I agree, I like the fact that I can carry it safety on or off in this holster. So far my only complaint, though minor, is that the holster tends to rock on my belt somewhat whenever I sit down or bend over, which means I have to take a moment to readjust it. It is snugly on my belt so I am not sure how to prevent this from happening.
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