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Thread: Shooting and Pregnancy

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    Muchadoaboutnothing...heres why.

    My agency utilizes an outdoor firing range. Besides the Academy's we run at least twice a year we conduct quarterly weapon's qualifications for our troopers as well as a number of other federal, state, county and municiple agencies. In short, myself and my crews spend a lot of time exposed to gun fire. In my case, I've spent 44 years doing this.

    Once a year OSHA sends and industrial hygene crew to install airborne lead monitors on me and my instructors for a week at a time; pluse we edure extensive annual LEO physical exams/lab tests.

    A level of 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood (10mcg/dl) is considered high and a possible health hazard.

    My test this year showed I have 2.58 mcg/dl, which is the national average level for a normal healthy adult.

    It short, over 4 decades of exposure to "airborne lead" from gunfire has had negliable affect.

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    Wow. I almost read that completely wrong MoonDawg. When I got to the "plus we endure extensive annual" part. Glad I reread it...
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    I am done having kids but if I were to find myself pregnant again, I would probably try to keep myself content shooting the .22s at an outdoor range. I might also play the pregnant card to get my husband to reload for me (worked for cleaning the cat box!)

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    When my wife was pregnant with our twins I took her to the tractor pulls over in the Ft.Worth convention center. Yeah, that's right, indoor methane breathing turbo charged stinky, smelling super loud hi performance tractors pulling a weight sled. She said they kicked up a real storm. Could also help explain some of the actions and thought process of my Twins.

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    I would think an outdoor range would be a far better alternative than an indoor range if you're pregnant. I've been in some indoor ranges where the air was pretty thick with gun smoke. The report from the muzzle is also louder in confined quarters than it is outdoors. This is all supposition on my part based upon observation. I would think that the best person to ask would be your Obstetrician.

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