Pouring hollow points for the first time
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Thread: Pouring hollow points for the first time

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    Pouring hollow points for the first time

    I just got in my first hollow point mould 457122, 330, grain HP 45-70 bullet. Anyway before I get started I wanted to ask for some advice or any tips you guys could give me on pouring Hollow Point Bullets before I jumped in. There is nothing like experience and I know you all have it thanks for your help
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    I've never done this before, but I've read about it in the ABC's of Reloading. I would think if you want a good hollowpoint, you need a lead that is not way soft, but not too hard either, probably a Brinell rating of 14 or something like that. I wouldn't want to cast it where it's going to have a hard time expanding.

    That's all I've got. I'll keep an eye on this thread too, you never know when you might need to acquire this skill.
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    I've done hollow base a number of times. What I found was it was difficult to keep the pin at the right temperature, being smaller it heats up faster and will get hotter than the mould blocks. You will need to practice and develop your rhythm and technique as you learn. It's a little more difficult and time consuming but definitely worth the effort.
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