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Thread: What fun....!

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    What fun....!

    I haven't cast any bullets in quite some time. All the moving I've been doing hasn't helped, and commercially cast bullets work just as well for me. I've tried a couple of times to get going again but one thing or another got in the way.

    I got one of my usual automatic eBay notifications for .41 molds that are listed and was prepared to delete it as they are always 215 gr SWC (just about) but low and behold, look what somebody put up with a postage paid buy-it-now for $20....

    I have some lead. I have a pot. I need to let it cool off a bit weather wise then I'm gonna cast me some .41 Flying Trash Cans. I used to have the Lee mold for the .44 caliber full wadcutter. It was a hoot. Lee hasn't made these in years, maybe decades. It's filthy as all get out but other than that is looks to not have been abused at all.
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    Pour 'em up!!
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    I need to go to E Bay
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    I have lead heating in the pot. I've got my 148 .38 WC 6 cavity mold heating. Here's to happy casting.
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