Why Single Action, Double Action Pistols Don't Get The Love They Deserve
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Thread: Why Single Action, Double Action Pistols Don't Get The Love They Deserve

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    Post Why Single Action, Double Action Pistols Don't Get The Love They Deserve

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    If one looks at the pistols developed in recent years, one could get the impression that the single-action, double-action pistol is on it's way out. Why bother, some say, since the striker-fired (technically a striker gun is more of a hammerless SA, but whatever) design is so much easier to operate?

    As it happens, there are a lot of devotees of the SA/DA trigger format, for a number of reasons. Not everyone is a fan of the Glock safety or rather the integrated trigger safety of the profusion, plenitude and plethora of striker-fired guns that only have an integrated trigger safety..

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    They get love from me. I don't understand the reasoning behind the trends in the semiauto realm at all. Everybody wants poly frame ultra light high capacity striker fired compact guns. These people must not shoot a whole lot because that all spells recoil. Seems like a person that enjoys shooting would be more inclined to have a better trigger, less recoil, and visible safe/fire switch. Makes for more comfortable shooting.

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    I have a Colt 1911, that I have had for 35 years, I love it. I love the Taurus 92 and Beretta too.

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    I ain't sold on the whole concept of the safety-less striker fired gun with a short DA trigger stroke but a SA trigger pull.

    Seems like a bad compromise to me (or a cop out, if you want to be blunt about it). Folks don't want a safety like a SA design needs (IN MY OPINION, if you can 'forget' to take off a safety, then you need more time with the gun so you are adequately familiar with it) but also don't want to work at learning the right technique-and developing the proper hand and finger strength- to shoot well with a DA gun that doesn't need a safety.

    There's plenty of folks out there that are safe with them. The design is not one that suffers fools lightly and is quite unforgiving of lapses- even more so than the supposedly 'inferior' SA, DA or DAO designs.

    Then, there's the folks out there that are taking the path of least effort who have put in a minimal amount of time and put forth the minimal amount of effort to become only marginally proficient with the easiest thing in the handgun world to shoot.

    Those are the ones that usually make the news when they put holes in things that aren't supposed to have holes in them and then want to blame the gun for having a light trigger pull and no safety.

    Me? I've done my due diligence with both SA and DAO guns and have taken the time and put forth the effort to learn how to shoot both. I have no need, or want, for one of the striker fired guns.
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