Can You Open Carry with an IWB Holster?
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Thread: Can You Open Carry with an IWB Holster?

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    Post Can You Open Carry with an IWB Holster?

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    There is such a thing as an open carry IWB holster...but it's a bit rare for a person to use one that way. It's not that a person couldn't; it's just that they generally don't.

    Concealment with an IWB holster couldn't be easier, since you only need to drape a shirt over it. So really, open carry just means making sure the shirt goes under it. .

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    Blog - Can You Open Carry with an IWB Holster?

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    I use Alien Gear and Crossbreed holsters and open carry with them.
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    IWB just doesn't work as well as OWB for me, concealed or open. And, I have some expensive leather IWBs. I've tried, just prefer OWB. It's easier to carry OWB concealed now that Texas has open carry and an occasional flash isn't going to land you in jail.

    I do, however, need a new belt.

    The blog is a good read. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreacherRodgers View Post
    I use Alien Gear and Crossbreed holsters and open carry with them.
    Yep, same here. I always tuck my TShirt in to keep the belt clips from pinching skin. I keep a denim work shirt in the truck if I decide I want to cover it for some reason.

    Ok guys, very funny, bring back the Constitution now...

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    When I lived in NY and used an Alien Gear IWB holster with a jean jacket over it. I had a Pa non resident license and was nice to remove the jacket to open carry when I made a trip to PA. Funny, no blood bath in the streets or mothers grabbing their kids to get them away from guns that the NY politicians tried to make you believe was the norm in an uncivilized state like PA!!
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    Well, I guess you can open carry with an in the waistband holster, but why? I conceal carry in an outside the waistband belt holster. The comfort level is incomparable. Same would hold true, if I chose to carry openly.
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    If I'm seen to open carry, it will be on a very temporary basis, such as stopping to gas my vehicle while I have my jacket off.

    The problem for me with using an IWB holster for open carry is the usual lack of satisfactory grab-resistant retention.
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    I don't think Texas law defines well enough to specify which holster must be worn . But I agree with Native Texan , I prefer OWB for all carrying . More comfortable and easier . Whatever holster you use make sure it's not too far back at 4 o'clock to easily reach and make sure no one can take it from you from behind . That has been done and it's not good !!



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