738 firing pin issue
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Thread: 738 firing pin issue

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    738 firing pin issue

    Long time lurker here... Came here to vent and ask a question or two.
    my stainless 738 went click one day with out a bang.
    to the best of my ability It appears the firing pin shat the bed. was unable to drive the pin out so I sent it to the new facility in georgia?
    That was in febuary... crickets since then.
    I emailed someone in july? CSR person had no info. anyone else got a pistol in limbo back at the mother ship?

    With my pocket carry gun broken I've been carrying my brick G19 and miss just being able to drop my pistol in a pocket and go any where with out worrrying about printing, or worse going naked.
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    Time to give them a call???
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    Sometimes it's better to contact Taurus via the chat line on their website.

    I had a 738 for a while, and it was my problem child.
    At first it would jam on the last round in the magazine. After LOTS of dry-firing many rounds through it, it started working good.
    Then after a year, it started having FTE problems. I sent it back to Taurus and they wanted to replace it with a Spectrum. I asked if I could get a G2C instead, and they approved.

    I still wanted a small pocket pistol, so I bought a Ruger LCP-II. It's almost exactly like the 738, but much more reliable.
    Love my other Taurus guns (G2C, M-85UL, and TH9C), but that 738 was a problem.



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