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Thread: Older type PT709..?

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    MY take from owning multiple taurus firearms and several needing to go back to the mothership is that qulaity control can vary widely from gun to gun.
    that being said I had an original release of the 709 that I bought as a carry weapon.
    the gun functioned perfectly on various self defnse ammo as well as traget ammo, mostly reloads of mine.
    the problem that I had with that particular weapon was
    1 ) the rear adjustable sight would not stay in place, it randomly moved as it was shot apparently (this was a gun problem)
    . 2) I could not reliabally hit a bull in the butt with the gun, especially if I did not shoot it for say a couple of weeks-- that was a Shooter Problem though-- the gun just did not work for me personally.
    I sold the weapon shortly after acquiring it as it did not serve the purpose for which I bought it.
    it was however one of the good ones that were not made on a Friday afternoon as it was a dependable weapon through I would guess 500 or so rounds of various ammo types.
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    The internal components have had some changes also - trigger bar for one; mods to slide as well as slide stampings; 2-3-4 pin models. There is a thread here somewhere regarding the internals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by olfarhors View Post
    so it seems a lot of men and WOMEN that live in Georgia and Alabama are early 92 owners from what I see--and MOST Walmart customers seem to like that weapon as well!!!-----
    I do have to admit, THAT was pretty funny !
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