Went from Zero to Semi-Hero (in my own mind)
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Thread: Went from Zero to Semi-Hero (in my own mind)

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    Cool Went from Zero to Semi-Hero (in my own mind)

    I had bought a Taurus 709 Slim back in 2015 and only shot it a few times during that year, since I got busy with traveling for work and I couldn't make the time to go to the range frequently. Fast forward to 2018, and I've got a new job and now don't travel as much, and, I have every-other Friday off. I've been making the best use of these days off, and going to the range. About four months ago, I started putting my 709 through the paces and it was awful.

    I rarely shot handguns and focused mainly on long arms. I have shot full-sized pistols like the Beretta 92F, the Sig P226, the Springfield XD, and the Glock 17/19s. I was a fairly good shot with those larger handguns and could put all rounds in the 9 center ring of a B-27 target from 15 yards. Not great, but acceptable.

    So then when I bought the 709 as a hiking gun, I eagerly took it out to the range and could barely keep my shots in the 9 ring at a modest 7 yards. I could not believe how poorly I shot. After a few trips to the range, I put my 709 aside as being a POS and an inaccurate pistol. Little did I realize that the larger pistols are very forgiving for poor technique and bad behaviors; whereas the small barrel, compact CCW pistols are the exact opposite. They magnify any bad habits one may have and even a small deviation from good form causes wildly inaccurate shooting.

    So this past Friday, after watching and reading countless hours of videos and forum posts over the past two weeks, I took to the range to try to redeem myself. I brought with me about 300 rounds of WWB 115 gr. and 100 rounds of Remington UMC 124 gr. ammo. Starting off, I was as terrible as I remembered from previous visits to the range, but this time, I made a point to recall and practice all of the things I had learned from watching and reading good shots.

    Well guess what, after about 150 rounds and getting used to the trigger and using both a strong Weaver stance, combined with proper hand support of the pistol, I started putting most of the rounds in or near the bullseye at 5 yards. Not bad I thought, and I moved it out to 7 yards and did the same. At 10 yards, I could keep 100% in the 9 ring. Challenging myself, I took out a BC-27 12" X 18" silhouette target. Compared to the standard silhouette target, which is 24" X 45", the BC-27 is minuscule.

    I was able to keep most of the shots in the much smaller 9 ring on this target at 10 yards. Then I went even further and put that small target out to 15 yards and started trying to place head shots on this target. The "head" on a BC-27 is probably 4" wide by 5" long. Not big at all.

    By the end of the day, after some 250 rounds in, I could finally put all 7 rounds from my 709 onto the head at 15 yards reliably. I shot 4.5" groups consistently and 5.5" groups at 20 yards. I was very pleased and pumped to come home from the range that day.

    Here I was, just a few months ago cursing my 709, and now I've come to appreciate it much more. Now to get working on shooting my TCP well!

    Thanks for reading.

    tl;dr: Having carried over bad habits from shooting full-size autos, I was about to swear off my 709, but with diligent practice and discipline, I mastered this little gun and now can shoot under 6" groups at 20 yards.

    Picture below is at 15 yards using WWB 115 gr. FMJ.
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    Congratulations on mastering you 709. And good for you in taking the time to study the issues you were having and accepting that the issues laid upon your hands and habits.
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    How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
    Practice, practice, practice.
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    "Never underestimate the power of stupid."

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    Nice work! My 709 is my EDC but I had not shot it in a long time. So a couple weeks ago I figured I was way past due on shooting with it. Group size wasn't too bad but I was shooting left and some low/left. That's not the guns fault! Just tells me I need to run the 709 more often because that small pistol with the short barrel does more clearly show the errors in technique.
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