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Thread: Need Advise, G2 or OSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingIron View Post
    It's not that I'm a 45 snob. But i was looking for a 45 to complement the handguns i already have.

    In handguns i currently i have...
    Ruger M.II - 22LR - target model in SS
    Ruger "single-six" - 22LP - stainless / wood grips
    Ruger Super Blackhawk - 44magnum - 7.5 in. barrel in blued steel
    S&W model 14 - 38spl - 8&3/8 in. barrel in blued steel
    KelTec PF9 - 9mm - black/grey
    S&W DV9 - 9mm - SS (but it's beat-to hell)

    I'd like to have a full-sized 45 with more capacity than a 1911, that's all really.

    Ideally, I'd like to trade my keltec pf9 and my S&W9mm for some in-store credit on a PT709 and a PT92
    I didn't think you were. I was just teasing a bit. I do have stuff other than .45 as well. I even like the much maligned old .32 acp!

    Nice collection by the way! The super blackhawk in .44Mag is on my wish list!
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    I would love my 44mag more... if it weren't so expensive to shoot

    I've been thinking of selling it to my father-in-law, For the past year he's been asking me to sell it to him, He's a big wheel-gun fan
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    I'd jump on the OSS, but only because I've got a thing for that long slide

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