Would like to see new product line.
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    Would like to see new product line.

    Just a thought. I've been looking for a carbine in .45acp and the thought just occured to me. It would be really nice to have one that uses the taurus 12 round double stack magazines. Mabe Taurus could make one. Has anyone heard any rumers of such a weapon in the future?
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    Re: Would like to see new product line.

    I shot one of my friends Beretta CX4s in .40 before, it was pretty fun. I think they take the same mags as the PX4, and you can maybe mod the 96 mags (not sure if that is accurate). Those are not as expensive as you would think. I doubt Taurus has any plans for one, though, I would be one of the first in line if they did.
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