New found respect for Taurus...
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Thread: New found respect for Taurus...

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    New found respect for Taurus...

    Totally random and maybe nobody cares, haha, but i was looking at Rossi and their website. I'm new to the gun world and knew that Taurus owned Rossi, but didn't realize that the original family still ran it. To me that is awesome!! Most company's gobble up the competition and slowly deminish the company, much like Men' s warehouse has done to certain labels, where as other companys like Nike always keeps the companys fairly original like they did with Cole Haan and Hurley. This is what i call good business ethics and am glad to see Taurus shares the same views. likes this.
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    It's risky to keep high level folks/former owners on when a company is bought out past the transition of ownership period. All too often, they can't adjust to working for someone else under the same roof, doing the same things today when last week everybody was answering to them and they had the final word. Been there, seen that. If they can't make the adjustment, it causes strife and discontentment that ripples all the way down.
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