M405 ?????
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Thread: M405 ?????

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    M405 ?????

    So the little 40 S&W revolver has been out a while.....Whats the verdict...??????

    I was all about the 40 S&W in a revolver ..but I was leaning toward a 4inch barreled 10mm /40 S&W Tracker....which would have been the cats Meow...
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    Re: M405 ?????

    The 405 is definitely a good choice in revolvers, even if it is kind of an oddball piece. It comes with a set of stellar clips that hold five rounds each, acting as a free set of speedloaders. As different ammo can have slightly different case dimensions, you can adjust the clips with a flathead screwdriver. At the range I don't even use them, I reserve the clips for my SD ammo. Rounds fire perfectly fine without the clips, and as long as you keep the cylinder clean the empties fall right out.

    I bought mine to fill two needs in my arsenal, the first was a .40 caliber and the second was a revolver. The .40 S&W packs a punch on both ends, making my range sessions rather short with it. I usually shoot it last when I'm shooting handguns since .45 ACP's seem to have much milder recoil in my hands. Accuracy is decent to about 10 yards, but seeing as it's a snub nose I wouldn't dare expect 1911 tack driving from it. But as a SD weapon, it's definitely a force to be reckoned with. The DA pull is stiff but not bad, SA is almost scary considering I can make the hammer fall using the nail on my pinky finger.

    Overall, good gun that I would personally recommend. If you want more versatility, I would recommend the 605 since you can run both .38's and .357's in it.
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