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    Model 94 Cylinder freeze

    I bought a Model 94 in Stainless a while ago and have issues with the cylinder freezing. It usually happens during DA shooting but will sometimes do it in SA as well. I though it was just new but after a couple of hundred rounds, it is still persistent. When it happens, I usually have to wiggle the cylinder to get it free. Any suggestions? Should I just send it back to Taurus? What are the procedures, do I have to contact them first and get a RMA, or should I take it to the place I bought it from and ask them to send it back?

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    First check the Head Space and B/C gap, I prefer a .003" to .006" gap. Open it up and throughly clean the internals and check for any burrs. Then clean and check the cylinder axle, if these checks and cleaning don't resolve the problem I would send it back with information of any things I found during the inspection and cleaning.

    If you bought it new within the last year call customer service and ask to send it back for service. You may have to conjole the Customer Rep. a little bit to get them to cover shipping both ways if you have had it less than a year.

    I have been hearing that the repair turn around time has been getting better. A couple of years ago it took five weeks to get my 617 repaired and back in my hands, now I am hearing some times as short as two weeks.

    There is a very good thread on here about disassembly and cleaning Taurus revolvers.
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    Clean underneath the ejector star thoroughly, and then look at it for burrs, or baked on shipping oil. Taurus still ships Brazilian guns coated in a preservative, not a lubricant. It needs to be removed, then properly lubed. If you don't want to remove the side-plate, then hose it down thoroughly with Gun Scrubber, or a similar product, let it dry, and lube it.

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    Second on checking the ejector rod and spaces under/around it. I had the same problem with my .22 Tracker and the local range master looked at it, asked me if I'd cleaned it (I said yes & just had). Then he opened the cylinder, ejected the fired and unfired rounds, then dug out a nice half-moon shaped chunk of lead wrapped around the rod, under the star. I felt kinda dumb, but never had another issue with it. BTW it was a 6" barrel and a tack driver. Was stupid to sell it and want another.
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