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Thread: Should I Buy a New Taurus Now

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    Should I Buy a New Taurus Now

    I own one Taurus .22lr revolver that I like a problems. I also own a S&W for CCCW. I am looking for a 4" .357 Revolver and really like the 327 Tracker or the 66.
    I imagine both are fine for the money. I like their feel and weight.

    However, problems can occur with ANY brand and I am wondering if the issues with the very large recall (1 million firearms) and the legal fees will cause
    any issues in the future should I need a warranty repair. I read many many stories of very long lead times on repair.
    Is it pretty certain that Taurus will survive financially, and if so, what happens when they start fixing the 1 million guns? Wouldn't that jam up the
    works for all other warranty repairs?

    I am looking for rational and knowledgeable discussion that will guide me....I have a little time as my LGS is backordered on the two guns I want and
    I need to hold one to make the final decision. So likely won't order online.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The problems they've had are with the slide guns. Revolvers are fine and they have a lifetime warranty.
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    The revolvers are old established tech. I wouldn't have any problems with their purchase. Just inspect whatever you buy, before you take delivery. That's good advice for any firearm brand. As far as a recall goes, I'm sure that a special recall division would be set up that would be different from general warranty work. That only makes sense, especially when dealing with a large number of similar models.

    Of course, I could be wrong.
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    I would have no issues buying a new or used Taurus Model 66 if I was in the market.

    Sorry I am not much help on the 327 Tracker.
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    I bought a 617 last fall and have carried it a lot in the winter months. No issues. I also have a 608 that has had no issues. I did a lot of looking prior to both purchases and felt that Taurus offered a lot of bang for the buck. I wouldn't worry about purchasing a revolver.



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