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Thread: The Taurus Suggestion Box

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    The Taurus Suggestion Box

    We have a new section called the Taurus Suggestion Box!

    Do you have an idea for a modification or a desire for a caliber not currently offered? Would you like to make a suggestion concerning your Taurus? Tell us what you think Taurus and Rossi should make in addition to the things they already make! That is what this new Taurus Suggestion Box is for! All members should feel free to comment either with their own ideas or about the ideas that other members post.

    First though, Please read the section guidelines before you post. This section works a little differently than the others!

    All we ask is that you keep your posts
    positive in this section!

    Please post your comments about this new section, either good or bad, in the Website Development section of the forum!

    Thanks for your participation!
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