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Thread: Cleaning the Firing Pin and Firing Pin Channel

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    I've NEVER taken a Slide apart to just clean out a Firing Pin Channel. I've always just sprayed Disc Brake Cleaner (Metal Only) or CRC Connector Cleaner (Polymer) down the Firing Pin Hole and watched all of the eeeeevil crud get flushed out. Have about 1500 rounds thru each of my 24/7's with no issues at all.

    On my PT92, I had done this since it was new with no issues. When I went to change out the Firing Pin Spring (at 15,000 rounds), I found the Firing Pin Channel to be very clean. Ran a solvent soaked patch on a .22 Bore Brush up the Firing Pin Channel and was very very surprised when it came back clean. Did the same to my older .45 EAA Witness when I changed out it's Firing Pin Spring (10,000 rounds) and got the same result.

    Now I also do put a couple of drops of Mobil 1 10w30 down the Firing Pin Hole and Automatic Firing Pin Lock Button and this may also prevent Carbon building up on anything in there. Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is very Hi Detergent.
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    while im inclined to try this method first. I don't know how I feel about taking my gun to my next oil change. but hey I won't knock it till I tried it.
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    One of the other benefits of disassembling to clean is that it gives you the opportunity to inspect the parts. There have been a number of members who have had the plastic firing pin spring assembly break, so I think it's a good idea to take a look every now and then. Because of that I installed an all metal firing pin spring assembly of my own design, and I like to check that one periodically too.

    And one other thing about light strikes in DA mode - it doesn't strike as hard as SA does. I did a little test yesterday in my PT145 with a bic pen. Holding the barrel about 4' from the ceiling and dropping the pen down the barrel, the SA strike bounced the pen off the ceiling every time. In DA mode the pen only traveled about 3'. I attribute this to a slightly shorter release point in DA, and slightly less compression on the firing pin spring.
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