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Thread: Seriously something wrong here.

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    Glad you posted this. I've been using my phone, thinking my laptop was on the fritz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishinkeylargo View Post
    I have not had a recent issue with the data base errors.
    The reply to post jumping up issue has also stopped for now.

    As you can see in my last line the space bar not working is still going on unless you click on Go Advanced. Strange that it started happening on the third line, usually it starts right away.
    Switching over to "Standard Editor" should take away the spacing error, though I too have never seen this occur on the 3rd line of a post. Fingers crossed that was a fluke and not a new strain of error.


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    I do not use my cell phone to view forums, but my PC running Firefox. There are lots of things that may cause problems with accessing the internet.

    One think you might do if you have difficulty with the forum editor is type your message in notepad, then copy/paste to the reply window.

    Things you can do to improve your computer & browsing performance:

    - reboot your PC
    - reboot your modem (if used)
    - reboot your router/mifi/wifi (if used)

    In your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
    - clean out your cache - they all have options for this function
    - clean out cookies you dont want/need - they all have options for this function

    Immediately after rebooting run a disk/registry cleaner utility:

    - Glary Disk Utilities
    Glary Utilities - Download | Glarysoft

    - Wise Registry Cleaner
    Wise Registry Cleaner - Best Free Registry Cleaner - speedup slow PC in one minute

    - CCleaner - select Download from
    CCleaner - Free Download or try CCleaner Professional - Piriform

    In a DOS/Command window run:

    (must be connected to the internet)
    ipconfig /?
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

    Run defrag with command line switches -c -w -f
    -c all volumes
    -w forces defrag regardless of file size
    -f forces defrag when disk space is low

    Run chkdsk -f
    forces an attempt to fix errors on the disk

    If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 - do a System Restore.
    This will not hurt or change your data files on your PC. It is intended to refresh your System files to fresh clean copies. You may need to reinstall some programs when complete.
    This task is usually accomplished thru the Windows Start Menu. Select a date when you feel there were no problems with your system - usually earlier is better.

    Link to Microsoft suggestions:

    Run this command in a DOS window - Microsoft System File Checker.
    sfc /scannow
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    Quote Originally Posted by Czechbikr View Post
    I have had some issues also. Sometimes clearing your cache helps along with a reboot.

    The lackofspacesinresponses is also a real PITA...

    If you space down a couple after the quote and then arrow up it will usually let you make a response without having to go back and insert spaces.

    We are letting the software peeps know of issues as they arise.
    Clearing cache and temp files of your browser can help then reboot. As far as no spaces inbetween, I go to after the quote, space twice then hit enter. No issues since.
    You can feed the problem or the solution.... Whichever you feed is the one that will grow...


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