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Thread: Rossi Grips?

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    Rossi Grips?

    I am looking at getting both a Rossi 351 (3 and a 461 (357) 2". I like the grip style on the 351:

    But I dont like the grip style of the 461:

    Can I buy the 351 type grips from Rossi (Taurus)? Thanks.

    Ohh, and which style seems more comfortable?

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    Re: Rossi Grips?

    I only have the 461, but I wanted to change the grips to Hogue, but did not figure out which ones I could buy yet.
    Not sure if Rossi sells the grips or not. Their site has been down for much about revolvers for months now.
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    Re: Rossi Grips?

    Pachmayr makes the Compac for small frame Rossis and I've tried 'em even on the 971 and they fit. They look like this.....

    Also, Ajax makes grips for small frame Rossis. I put a pair of Pearlite on my M68, mostly for the looks. I wanted a pimp gun look.
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