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    Lee Pro 1000 change from 9mm to 45 ACP

    Iam new to reloading and would like to find out what i need to load 45 ACP rounds ? I already have the 9mm setup. I would like to set up for 45ACP rounds.

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    Essentially you should just need a set of 45acp dies, 45 brass, and bullets.
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    Also, possibly different powder, large pistol primers instead of small, and you'll have to change the shellplate and priming parts.

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    I have 3 setups for mine in 9mm, 45 acp and 45 colt. 9mm uses small primers and small shell loader while the 45 use the large. I invested in the base carrier for the 9mm and 45 acp from here Lee Pro Carrier #9 Complete - FS RELOADING I also picked up 2 additional turrets Lee 3 Hole Turret - FS RELOADING it just saves time and effort is all as dies, shell plate, primer feeder and case feed is all that is needed. I'm just starting myself and found some great videos here San Francisco Liberal...WITH A GUN! well worth the effort to download the player and videos. A real wealth of knowledge in the best way to set it up and keep it working perfectly.

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    You will need a #2 shell plate and a large primer feed tray, You can get a complete carrier assembly on Ebay for around $50, which will save a bunch of hassle when switching between calibers.
    A large case feeder if You don't want to feed cases by Hand and Also a set of .45 dies in an extra turret helps here.
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