powder recommendations - what's worked good for you
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Thread: powder recommendations - what's worked good for you

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    powder recommendations - what's worked good for you

    I keep seeing comments made in various threads about different powders we've used for different calibers and bullet weights. Can we start list and make it a sticky for what powders we've had the best success with per caliber and bullet weights and WHY you prefer them? I think it will help new reloaders pick good powders to start with and help those loading new calibers select good solid powders. I do NOT want personal load data posted. That would open us up to liabilities in the event of a failure.

    HP-38 /Win 231 - It's a nice middle of the road powder for virtually all non-magnum pistol rounds. It meters very well and is available pretty much everywhere
    Reloder 15 - It's versatile enough so I can use the same powder for .223 Rem and 7.62x54R mosin ammo. The only others that I've found that'll do both calibers are IMR 4166 and Varget.
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    TiteWAD: (note I'm not talking about TiteGROUP) Extremely fast powder. It has worked very well in .38 Spl and .45 ACP. Very limited load data. There is none for the .38 Spl, I went off the reservation on this one. Honestly, stay away from this powder. It's really, really fast and one can get in trouble real quick. There's better choices.

    700X: A fast powder. Makes a good substitute for Bullseye. Hard to meter so be careful if you're using a powder measure. If you weigh or dip every charge there's no problem. I've figured out how to get a Lee Auto Disk to throw it accurately and it's great in the .38 spl with a 125gr LRN. One of the most accurate loads I've ever used in .38 spl.

    W231: As the OP

    Universal: Another medium burning versatile powder in a variety of pistol cartridges. Similar to Unique but it's cleaner and meters better.

    800X: Very accurate in the .41 Magnum with lead bullets running somewhere between mid-range and maximum. Same metering problems as 700X

    Trail Boss: Fun stuff for powder puff loads in the .41 Magnum. Recoil like a .38 wadcutter and just as accurate. I dip this powder. It has a strange donut shape with huge flakes. Very bulky for it's weight.

    2400: THE powder for the .357 Magnum.

    W296: Works well in full power loads for Magnums. A real boomer. #1 powder among attention whores at the range.
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    CFE Pistol- Like my favorite powder (WW231) it is very versatile. This stuff is very clean and meters in my Lee auto disc splendidly. The ES's are the lowest across the board that I have recorded.
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    WW748 for all bottle neck cartridges.
    Unique for all straight wall cases except 30 carbine which get H110 as that powder was designed specifically for that cartridge.
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    .380acp - Unique hand dip only
    9mm RN 115&124gr - CFE Pistol or Titegroup
    9mm XTP 147gr - Bullseye
    .45acp 230gr RN - Bullseye, CFE Pistol, or Titegroup
    .45acp 230gr XPT - Bullseye

    These are the powders that are readily available here, and with the exception of the Unique in small loads, they measure well.

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    One more vote for HP38 and Win231.
    I shoot .38, .380, 9mm, .40 and .45 and it has been a dependable no fuss powder for me.
    I just purchased a AR 556 so I will have to pay attention in here to see what is being used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peacemakr40 View Post
    Reloder 15 - It's versatile enough so I can use the same powder for .223 Rem and 7.62x54R mosin ammo. The only others that I've found that'll do both calibers are IMR 4166 and Varget.
    I'd put Varget in that category .223, .270. 30-06 & 7.62x54R and MANY more in between.

    Unique handles a LOT of pistol rounds well and shotgun too!

    On another note - Alliant Power Pro Varmint is great for .223 rounds up TO 55 gr. I'm getting excellent results with 52 and 55 gr range and match loads. It meters perfectly and is often available as many just overlook it!

    It'll load .204 through .243 and 30-30 as well (and more). Great smaller round rifle powder.

    there's more...
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    Power Pistol, Unique and Blue Dot. Trail Boss too. Had good luck with all of them. But I am no pro shooter so good enuf fer me may not be worth a nickle to anyone else.

    That is for pistols. I use IMR 8208 XBR, Leverevolution, IMR 4064, 3031 4198 and Rel 10 and Rel 15.in my rifles.
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    I only load for handgun cartridges, and settled on 2400 and Bullseye many thousands of rounds ago. Bullseye is great too, if you have thrift in mind.
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    I don't have experience with a lot of different powders so my knowledge it limited.

    For 9mm and .45acp I have been using HP38/W231. They make for an accurate round and they meter really well in my Hornady dispenser. I only load 1 rifle cartridge, 223, and have used both Accurate 2230 and Win 748. I haven't used any of the Accurate in a long time as it became impossible to find for a couple of years, although I do remember liking the results. Anyway the Win 748 makes for a pretty decent cartridge and works well with lighter 55gr. bullets and the 65gr. Sierra spitzer bullets I load. Both the Accurate and Winchester powders meter really well.
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