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    PT809C vs PT111 MilPro

    I'm trying to decide between an 809c and a 111 Mil Pro. There is a lot of information on this forum and on the net concerning the PT111. However, information is pretty scarce both here and on the net about the 809c.

    I know the physical dimensions are a little larger with the 809c, the largest difference being the length. The 809c is a little over 1.2 inch longer.

    Some questions.

    1) Do the larger dimensions of the 809c make it too much more difficult to use as a CCW?
    2) Does the external hammer on the 809c make it more or less desirable or is it strictly a matter of what the shooter is most comfortable with?
    3) For anyone who has both or has fired both, is there any significant difference in the way they handle?
    4) With such a short run, can I assume the 809c only comes in one generational flavor? Unlike the PT111 Mil Pro which has 3 generations?
    5) Was the 809c ever made compliant for CA, MA and have the limited 10 cartridge magazines? If so, is there a difference in the model numbers. I'd hate to get stuck with one of those.

    The reason for all my questions here and other places on the total forum, is I have one chance of getting it right, or as close to right as I can. I am stuck with my first purchase. I will not be going by gun stores and have another pistol/revolver follow me home, and I get to keep it.

    Thanks for any help, and any further info you can think of between the 809c and 111.
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    The 809c can be concealed, but the pt111 will be slightly easier just because its smaller. Anything can be concealed with the right holster/clothing combo. Its just what younfeel comfoftable being able to conceal.
    The external hammer is mostly a personal preference.
    There are only one gen of the 800 series.
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    I have the 111 pro since Feb 09, and its been a fairly good gun. The 809 is a much better shooting gun. The trigger on the 809 is very good, compared to poor on the 111.
    The only down side to the 809C is that its a little bigger that the 111- everything else about it is PLUS!

    edit: CA, MA.......don't know.
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    I carry my 809c every day, with no problems, shoots good, and I really like it. Should come with 2 mags, (one of them being a 17 round) a bore brush, mag loader and 2 safety keys.. Anyway, I carry mine in a PT-One holster system from, which is a belly band type deal.. I did have a owb holster to begin with,and I will say that the size of the 809C made me have to shuffle my wardrobe options a bit. Hope this answers at least something for you. Have never shot the PT111,so can't comment on that. Hopefully somebody that has will be along soon

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    Haven't shot the PT111, but have the PT809c, very nice gun.

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    The PT-809C & PT-111 are both good reliable guns.

    The PT-809C is a "bit" harder to conceal, but that's based on the person's size, dress & life style.

    The bottom line boils down to 2 questions...

    1. How well does the gun fit your hands?
    2. How well do "you" shoot it?

    For me personally, I favor the PT-111; it fits my hands like it was tailored for me, is 100% reliable, accurate and available almost anywhere should it ever need to be replaced.



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