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    Rear Site for PT-92

    I purchased a new PT-92 at the Gun Show this past weekend and finally got to the range yesterday with it. It shoots very low. 6-7 inches below point of aim. In order to hit bulls eye point of aim ha to be on the 12 oclock 7 ring. Does anyone know if adjustable rear sites can be installed like the PT99? Will Taurus do it even if paid for?

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    Adding an adjustable sight to your 92 is not a problem. Here is a quality adjustable rear sight from LPA of Italy -- they make good stuff: LPA TPU Rear Sight Taurus PT92 58 100 Steel Blue 3-Dot

    As to the install, hard to say if Taurus would do it as it would fall into custom work and not repairs, etc. Another member recommended this smith for sight installation, etc.: Bill Springfield -
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    Any gunsmith can install the adjustable sight. The important thing to remember is there is a spring loaded plunger under the sight and when taping the old sight off, it is best to put a clear bag over the pistol so as not to lose the plunger and spring.

    I just helped a friend get one installed on his PT92 a month ago. It definitely solved the problem of shooting low that he had.

    On your next outing, if you have not already done so, rest the front of your frame on sandbags to verify the point of aim and point of impact are really off that much. I did that with the friend's 92 and did find it to be that much off, so I would not be surprised that your's too needs the rear sight fix.
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