The 809c I ordered arrived at my LGS today, so of course I rushed right out to see and feel it. Due to the NICS delay, I won't be able to pick it up until Saturday but here are a few observations:

1. In size, it reminds me of the Bersa Thunder 9 compact, but I'm certain it weighs less.

2. Three-dot sights. Sights are small (front) and low (rear) and do not appear to be adjustable. However, the rear sight seems to be held on by a single screw in the center of the platform, so it's possible Laserlyte or some other sights could be used as replacements.

3. No interchangable backstraps, but the grip seems a perfect fit for my medium-sized hands and the contour should help in controlling recoil.

4. The extended 17-round mag is sheathed to match the grip and even the biggest hands will find the grip roomy. In fact, your idiot cousin (the one with six fingers) will have plenty of room for all of them.

5. DA trigger pull is hard: I'm guessing about 15 lbs. SA was also hard: I'm guessing 7-8 lbs here. Still, this is with the pistol still filled with factory gunk and I'm hoping both will lessen with use.

6. Trigger reset is WAY back. I'm guessing no more than 1/4" from the rear of the trigger guard. (My Bersa was inconsistent in this regard, which is why someone else now owns it.)

7. Mag release was stiff but those of us who already own 800 series guns know that will work out quickly.

8. The package includes a hard case with cutouts in the foam; a bore brush; one flush and one extended mag; mag loader and keys.

9. As with most guns from Taurus, it is rated for +p ammo (or at least is not included on the prohibited list.) I could fing no recommendation for bullet weight, so experimentation is in order. (Lord, I hate experimenting: means I have to go shoot the gun and... Oh, wait! That's the part I like best.)

10. The larger letters in the rollmark are tastefully edged in gold paint (at least on the black Tennifer model) just as on my black PT845. Classy without making it look pimpish.

The heaviest gun I'm accustomed to carrying lately is the PT709. Obviously, the 809c is heavier but I think CC will be fine once I locate a good holster. I noticed my LGS has a few MilPros on hand so when I pick it up I'll spend some time comparing sizes: hopefully, the match will be close enough that we won't have to wait for custom holsters.