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Thread: Millennium Pro PT140 vs. PT145

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBMMD View Post
    In my own experiences shooting pistols of all shapes and sizes, I can honestly say there isn't much difference between 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP in terms of felt recoil. Grip a pistol correctly, and recoil will never be a problem. I'd say go for the PT140 and enjoy shooting your Millennium Pro collection
    With the answers and comparisons I've been given, that is the way I'm leaning. Thanks to everyone for the input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kubelkampf View Post
    ... I am TOLD by others as regards the difference in recoil between the two. The 45 acp produces more of a PUSH.....the 40 more of a SNAP.
    The above is pretty much the general consensus. I traded some of my 9mms Glocks and CZ for .40S&W versions and the comment about snappiness is very true. They kick more and want to snap up way more than the 9mm. The .45acp, my favorite pistol caliber after .22LR, feels more like a push straight back. Of the three calibers, for me, the easiest to shoot is 9mm, .45acp. and 40S&W. The .40S&W is controllable and not painful to shoot; it's a matter of becoming accustomed to it. I have 40 to 9 conversion barrels and mags for the Glocks.
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    Well, I just got some numbers from an online recoil calculator. Using moderate loads for both 45 acp and 40 S&W.....and 200 grain bullets for the 45, 180 grain for the 40. As for gun weight, which figures into the calculations, I used the published weight of the 145, rounded off to 23 ozs. That weight, by the way, does NOT include the weight of cartridges.

    Anyway, the results were as follows: 40 S&W = 8.44 lbs/ft

    45 ACP = 7.68 lbs/ft

    So, the 40 produces (in this example), about 9.9 % more recoil. Not a huge difference, after all.
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    I have both a PT140 and a PT145. The 40 cal does have a little more bite in its recoil.
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    I am partial to the 45 caliber. Have 2 Rugers & a Rossi M-92 in the 45 colt. and Springfield XD-45, Ruger P-345 & my PT-145 and love the way they all shoot. My wife's favorite is the Ruger P-345 due to the size of the gripe. She also hates heavy recoiling guns. So you can't go wrong with the 45 acp.....

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    I also have both and the 40 sw is a little snapper but not uncontrollable. I love both and use them for ccw. Switching every every month to let my mags rest.
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    If you go with the .40, Federal produces a low recoil round 165gr...352 lbs energy from muzzle compared to 400lbs from their 180 grain

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    To borrow a phrase from Clint Eastwood, "You have to ask yourself..."

    Q: What 101 year old handgun bench mark defensive caliber are all others compared to?

    A: The .45 ACP

    The late Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper and all of today's gun gurus swear by it, countless magazines, books and movies have been devoted to it...and famous Generals like Patton flaunt them.

    Not so with .40 S&W.

    Don't mess with success, chose the PT145 in .45 ACP.

    It's better, more accurate and a "softer" shooter too.

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    It was an easy choice for me b/w the PT140 & the PT145 because their mags hold the same number of rounds (10) and therefore I got the PT145. I still like the PT140, though, so I will get 1 some day.
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