I received a couple of "In Stock Notifications" from CTD and Price Insanity last night, indicating they had Taurus factory PT145 mags available. The Price insanity message was as folows-

Per your request, this email is to let you know that Taurus 510145 Replacement Magazine PT-145 (10 Round) is now available at Price Insanity!

We will sell these on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

We have only 40 of these available as of 6/12/2009 1155 PM, so please act quickly.

Click Here: http://www.priceinsanity.com/servlet...es+%26+Loaders

SKU: 10764

Matt B

I had tried to order a couple about two months ago, but none were available, at least at remotely reasonable prices.

Seems that a shipment must have gotten thru Customs and to the distributors, finally! Who knows, Taurus/Miami might even have a few!

Better get 'em while there are a few around.