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    Interesting information on violent crime from the FBI

    I found this article linked to another article posted today. Very interesting FBI report analysis on methods of violent crime from 2007 through 2011

    Crime Stats: You are more likely to be killed by hands and feet than by a shotgun or rifle | The Daily Caller
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    I remember looking the stats up not long ago just for arguments sake.
    There are clearly more fatalities from other means,with firearms very close to the bottom.
    I think cigaretts are 50x more,medical malpractice was 10x,heck even vehicle fatalities was double.

    It just goes to show how uniformed the masses are.
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    Even the handgun deaths were down by over a 1000 from 2007 (7,398) to 2011 (6,220).

    That is due to the self preservation thought process that most BGs have with more CCW permits issued.

    I strongly support gun control, how else are you going to hit anything?

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