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Thread: Should we be worried.....

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    Should we be worried.....

    That equipment like this is being deployed all around the country to small town police departments?
    U.S. News - NH city's new military muscle raises some hackles
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    I don't know. Crime can be so intense in some areas that it might be useful. However, it's also like the time a few years ago when the DEA picked up some surplus OV-1 Mohawks. I was a little suspicious about that one....
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    I could understand large cities having one. But like the article said, in Louisiana they've had one since 2009 and never used it. Keene N.H.? Been there. Doesn't seem very likely they'll ever need it. Seems like a waste of money.

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    Naw, I wouldn't worry. With obamanation in office, they won't be able to afford to fill it up with fuel.
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    What's weird is it's a town of 23,000 - not Los Angeles (where they probably need one).
    I'm going to guess that it's just another example of political corruption and cronyism.
    Lenco is in Pittsfield, Massachusetts - so my question would be who they paid off, i.e. contributed to the campaign fund for.
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    Well, Uncle Sam has all that dough, what's tossing a quarter mil+, per unit, at stuff like that? It's free, ain't it?

    Sarcasm intended.
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    My city has one. They use it for the SRT guys. Last time they had it out they were trying to use it as the lead car in a chase because the suspect was firing at the patrol cars behind him. Problem is the thing doesn't have much of a top speed and the suspect was in a Camero.

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    Our town is about twice the size and we got a Mobile command center that they bring to the fair and the mall during Christmas. And downtown festivals. Its massive with all the bells and whistles.
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    These are great until some wing nut dip stick decides to use one for RPG target practice. It is only a matter of time.
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    Ian Freeman was the guy who started the opposition to this thing up in Keene. I've been listening to him talk about it for a while now on his radio show, Free Talk Live. Pretty interesting, there was (is but it's too late now) massive support against the town accepting that thing.

    The deal with these things is that the towns get them for free basically, they just have to take care of them. Which is a whole other huge expensive issue. But anyway, whenever the Feds, the DEA or whatever other police-state alphabet soup government agency come to town to eff with someone, they get to use the thing no questions asked. So all it is is FedGov leaving these things parked on loan all over the US and they're there for them to use any time they want. That's the real purpose of FedGov handing these things out like they're golf carts. It's for them. Not for you. What a bunch of shit.

    I can't wait until FedGov goes broke and this insanity stops.
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