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Thread: Maine Man Allowed to Wear Goat Horns 4 Driver License Photo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake3501 View Post
    If he is ever out without his goat horns and gets pulled over, he should be arrested for trying to hide his identity!
    That's not me I don't have any horns
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    Quote Originally Posted by 53rdcard View Post
    each time i turn on the news and see something like this, or the aint got time for that woman, or anything on jerry springer or dr phill. i think, we really better hope that we are in fact alone in this universe, cause all of that is being broadcast out and eventually someone will get it and think, man, that planet really has to go, it doesnt offer a thing to the universe.
    Now that's what I call thinking outside the box...
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    Um, um, I am speechless.

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