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Thread: Show Us Your Junk Guns

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    Did this belong to one of y'all? I found it out in the Gulf. I heard a bunch of you went on a trip out there. It says "REPUBLIC ARMS INC. PATRIOT". I think one of the SNS Ring of Fire manufacturers broke off and made Republic Arms, which only put this thing out.

    If nobody wants to claim it, then okay. More for me. Teehee.

    Anyhow, Cobra Enterprises makes these now. This is one of the old Republic Arms ones, from the late 1990's. I've gotten reports of mixed functionality with the Cobra ones, but this does fine. It didn't cost a lot new, especially for a .45.

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    I don't have any Saturday Night Specials. I do have an R.G.-23 that was probably made on Monday morning before coffee break. Two snake shot followed by 4 solid .22 Longs shot up into the air would really piss a bad guy off, and according to "Joe", they'll be afraid and run away. (I wonder where that stuff will fall?)
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    Well, all humor aside, I will attempt to post a serious answer to the OP's question....

    Yes, I have some "junk" guns. Sometimes referred to as Saturday night specials or suicide specials they were very inexpensive handguns that provided marginal dependability and depending on how often they were fired they had limited life spans.

    They were and are looked down upon by many but at the same time they allowed those folks with very little money a way to protect themselves.

    I have these guns because I collect .22 caliber firearms. Most of this type of firearm (but not all) were manufactured in .22 LR. As part of a complete collection there are both good and bad firearms. Here are some "junk" guns....



    From top center clockwise...

    The first is a Regent .22 LR made in Italy and imported into the US by Firearms International in Washington, DC. This particular gun dates to 1961 and cost $34 brand new.

    The next is a Arminus in .32 S&W Long. It was manufactured in Germany and imported by FIE in Miami, Fl. It was produced in 1970 and original cost was $48

    Third in the picture is a .22 LR Derringer manufactured by CDM Corporation in New York, New York. It mas manufactured about 1961 and original cost was $24.

    Next is a Titan .25 auto pistol. It was manufactured by Tanfoglio in Italy and imported by FIE in Miami. This one is from 1970 and cost was $46.

    Next is a Talon single shot .22 LR derringer. Manufactured by General Precision Corporation in Waterbury, Conn about 1975, I have not been able to determine an original cost.

    The next little semi auto is another .25 Titan.

    The seventh gun in the pic is an RG Model 14 .22 LR revolver. It was manufactured by Rhom in Germany and was imported by FIE. Approximate manufacture date is 1980 and the cost was about $34.

    This next gun is a Rhom Model 23. It was produced in Germany and imported by FIE. These were before the RG company came into being. This one was produced in 1959 and cost originally $9.95.

    The last gun in the picture is a Jennings J-22 in .22 LR. It was manufactured by Jennings Firearms Company in Chino, California about 1981 and cost $63.

    Just an FIY.... these guns that were produced outside the U.S were imported in pieces and assembled by the importer. The one exception were the early Rhom guns imported from Germany. After the company became known as RG Company the guns were then assembled domestically.

    There you have it.... some junk guns in my collection. What can I say? I just love .22's!

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