Anyone ever had a Taurus Factory Demo handgun?
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    Anyone ever had a Taurus Factory Demo handgun?

    Hey folks, My wife and I are in Ohio this week visiting one of my daughters and her family. I got bored and couldn't find a gun show so I found Ye Olde English Outfitters which is a pretty good sized gun store near her. I had a good time browsing and even bought some ammo. I'm still thinking about a Rossi single shot rifle that comes with three barrels (.22 LR, .410, and .243). It fits me very well. Anyway they have a sign up saying that they have a sale on Factory Demos. I should have asked, but since I can't buy one due to being from out of state, I didn't. Now I'm really curious and am tempted to go back. Anyone ever heard of Factory Demos? They should be good as they have probably proved themselves by being shot.

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    I bought a factory "refurbished" Beretta 92FS once. The card from Beretta that came with that pistol said that it had either been previously fired or had cosmetic blemishes. It looked perfect, so I'd guess it had been fired.

    The price was knocked down about 20% compared to a new one, but the usual 1 year Beretta warranty was knocked down to 90 days as well. I don't think that would be a problem with Taurus since they come with lifetime warranties.
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    My guess would be something along the lines of Shot Show table candy, or possibly the gunwriter demo models they send out for various magazine articles... I would be willing to bet that they are in pretty good shape... some of those demo's get a pretty good gunsmith workthrough before going out in the field, or after... of course, some do get torture tested, as well...
    I'd call the shop and ask him about it...
    As far as buykng out of state, you certainly can buy handguns in another state, you just have to have them shipped to your local dealer... can't hand-carry out of the store. Some shops don't like to do it, but others are more than happy to take out of state money. It might require a little extra in transfer and shipping fees, though.
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    I once bought an auction gun from Ye Olde English... and they were quick to ship and the piece was as advertised.

    As to factory demos, etc. When I was selling high-end electronic gear, it was my contention that factory refurnished stuff was the best buy.
    My reasoning goes like this: a NIB piece has been assembled by a line of people, any one of whom may be having a bad day; while a refurbished piece is done by one repairman who (theoretically) knows the product inside out and whose job is on the line if he flubs his repairs.
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    That place is only 49.5 miles north of where I'm sitting right now - never knew it was there. I know where I'm going next week. Thanks for posting, Dave!
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