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    Right I was thinking about a m&p shield but I think they might be to small for me but I really like reliable they are just wish the full size was in my price range

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    First pistol I bought was a SW40VE. For the money it was a great pistol. Trigger
    left something to be desired but overall a great gun. Seemed to be as well built
    as any Glock.

    I think I had a Glock 22 holster for mine. I think they are about the same size.

    Hope you enjoy your SD.

    All the Best,
    D. White
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    I really like the sd9ve trigger. I guess the 40 would be the same. Don't put that notion in your mind that the trigger is bad because it isn't. It is better than most double action revolvers.

    As for ammo. Anything from federal from hi Shok to HST, Rangers, pdx, golden saber.

    Just stay Away from the fancy lightweight, Frangible rounds. There is a reason law enforcement don't use them because they don't work like the lead and jacket do.

    I carry anything from Federal HiShok, Hydrashok, HST, XTP, or ranger t. Just depend on my mood.

    Lately I have been carrying Federal Hydrashok 185 grain +P for shiggles and gits. But you MUST TEST THE AMMO IN YOU GUN.

    And don't buy carry ammo locally. It's all a scam. Buy online in 50 round boxes for the same price you pay for 20 rounds in the store. It's a scam against people who don't know.

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    Here is a link to a fairly in depth ammo/ballistics discussion. It goes into quite a bit of detail but is fairly thorough.

    Seems there is a general liking among gun writers for Federal HST and Speer Gold Dot. Lots of good ones out there - you really should give several brands a go with range sessions. Find out what your gun likes and what you like.

    As to holsters - gonna have to decide if you want to CC or OC. I use different models for each need. You can find lots of holster discussions in our "Open and Concealed Carry" section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamal007 View Post
    And the ammo I'm thinking about is Sig Sauer 40 S&W 165 gr JHP Elite V-Crown 20/Box
    I use Sig V-crown in my guns...But i agree you will have to see what runs best in yours

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    I LOAD AND CAST ALL OF MY BULLETS I SHOT NOTHING BUT 175 grain FOR OVER A YEAR THEN I BOUGHT A150 grain swc and my PT 840 loved them So try different weights and types of ammo they are all fun to shoot
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    Watch for sales on holsters and magazines for SIGMA SW40VE, both of which will work with SD40VE - I know, as I own both. The SW40VE has a slightly different floor plate than SD which does not affect use or bother aesthetics IMO. The ergonomics of the SW or SD are only second to my PT24/7's. The SD trigger has about an 8-9 lb. pull - SW over 13 lb. - neither of which bothers me. have fun with your new gun.
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