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Thread: Number of magazines per handgun that you have

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    Whatever they come with except for the Glock. I've got 5 or 6.
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    Depends on the gun!
    I got about 30 Extra 1911 45acp mags, so I may have as many as 40-45 for one 1911??
    seriously a lot of my mags are changeable like the EAA mags and the CZ mags.
    I can likely round up 5-6-7 mags for most each gun I have but I shoot for at least 3 for each weapon, pretty sure I have that at least.
    even the Sig 238 has 4 mags for it.
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    I have speedloaders, but first a Safari Land, then an HKS messed up on me and wouldn't dump. I really don't trust 'em anymore. Besides, speed STRIPS are not much slower and are far easier to carry in a case, no lumps. Of course, too, I always have at least one, usually 2 NY reloads on me. I carry speed strips for two revolvers (.38 and .357) and the .22 isn't speedy. The .38 speed strip can also feed the .357, of course.
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    I have a bunch of speed strips when you get used to them you can load almost as fast. We had a Moderator NYPD that was a ex LEO that could hold a speed strip rolled in between his thumb and pointer finger. Like a speedloadeer he was very good. I wish he would drop in sometimes.
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    I have 2 to 3 magazines for each pistol, and a pair of speed strips for revolvers. Never felt a need for any more than that.
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    I like at least five for the more expensive double stacks. Cheaper single stacks like 1911's I keep more. The $50 High Standard .22 mags are killing me. But here's the deal. If you sell the gun don't sell it with the mags. You can usually get most of your money back selling them separately. Don't even tell the buyer you have them, he'll expect you to throw them in. Just sell them after you get rid of the gun. I sell the gun only with what came with it when I got it.
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    Definition of clip
    : any of various devices that grip, clasp, or hook
    : a device to hold cartridges for charging the magazines of some rifles; also : a magazine from which ammunition is fed into the chamber of a firearm.

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    At least 5 for each gun. I have that many just because I can.
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    3 for my PT709, three for my two PT58ss, and maybe 14 or 15 that all fit my PT92/99/100/917,one of which is a 30 round. When I bought my 917, it came with 7 mags. Eight 30 round and one 40 round for my AR. One 100 round for my Calico with a broken one that still holds 10 or 12 rounds. A 40 round and a 10 round for my 10/22. A twenty round for my Feather Arms .22 and one 10 round for my Ruger original. And two speed loaders always ready for my wife's Colt 38 nightstand pistol.

    I'm working on getting a new (to me) pistol and will try to get at least 3 spares plus the one that comes with it.
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    My rule of thumb is: six mags per model minimum. Why? Mags are the heart & soul of a soul of a semi automatic. Should the manufacture discontinue making them, you have spares and as those wear down with use, the parts can be scavenged to keep the pistol running on at least two mags for a long time.

    Just my practice - YMMV.
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    My goal is a minimum of 5 per handgun. When I achieve that then I will consider adding a couple more. Some I already have more then 5 because of good deals. Some have less because of limited availability from Taurus.

    Rifles are another story.
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