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Thread: I got evicted....

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    Sounds like Wyfe may have inflicted psychological damage only a new gun could cure.

    Just sayin'

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    Well done post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yissnakk View Post
    SNIP... Its a good thing too, before, I had to figure a way to sneak things upstairs past the gatekeeper. Now just goes straight from the truck to the reloading room.

    The funny thing is, with the extra wall space, I'm putting up peg board all around the outside and this actually sort of gives me more room.

    "Always look at the silver lining" type, I see.

    Glad things worked out for the better. The advantage here is you get to purpose-build every square inch of the walls.
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    You need help bro to help you with that. Help is on the way. Here he is.
    That joke was just sitting there. Really.

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    And y'all wonder why I have 5 ex's.
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    Nice setup and I know exactly the issue with getting "equipment" in from the vehicle to my space in the basement. It usually takes an interim stop in the garage until the coast is clear so it can get to permanent storage and become..."that old thing"?

    There are some nifty through the wall heater/air conditioning units that could possibly save space. I just did an appraisal of a vintage home that was unusual as it has a three car detached garage. The former owner had done the same thing by building a partitioned, heated space in the third bay...leaving the door intact so I could still call it a three car garage.
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    The problem I have with my "man cave" is the the "wife" keeps sending more of my "stuff" in it The latest was "if you move your dresser and clothes in there I will have more room in the bedroom for my ( the wife's) stuff"
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    Hold your ground OP, do not surrender a millimeter of man space in the future, the line has been drawn!

    Shoes and purses over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Man stuff over there

    Cook her dinner if you have to!
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    I can't believe we still occasionally get some poor soul wanting us to congratulate him or give him advice on upcoming nuptials.

    I only have one word for such a person....don't!

    I have been faced for sometime on throwing away something before I bring home anything new. I'm vowing to clean out the pool house, sidewalls of the garage, and my man cave bedroom. My real estate business has been good during warm weather, and in cold weather I can't get in the mood.

    Found a couple of world globes in the closet the other day, one lighted from the inside, both in great shape. Called a lady who stages houses and sold one to her. The wyfe rescued the other one after previously agreeing to get rid of one, thinking the youngest might want it.

    Throwing stuff away is really hard to do, but, I am trying. Maybe, some day I can bring myself to have that great garage sale I have put off for 36 years.
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    You didn't get evicted.
    You evicted yourself.
    You went to a cushier pad and now you are complaining because you had to move there.
    I sense a bit of insincerity here.

    However.......it does look nice.
    I hope it works out exactly like you wanted.

    I do know how you feel.
    I work on and restore lap steel guitars.
    The garage has been so cold these last 3 months I can't go out there.
    If you have any tips for me to present to my wife let me know.
    What I have come up with so far hasn't worked...........
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