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Thread: disposing of old ammo

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    disposing of old ammo

    So what's the correct way to dispose of old ammo? Or just take it to a police station or fire station? I found some old ammo in an old military ammo case that I had
    forgotten about (I wanted the ammo box to store my ammo/accessories for my new handgun) and there's a few oxidized shells that I don't really have any sentimental value anymore.
    Such as some old M16 ammo that my grandpa found (he was a garbage man) and kept, and things like that. I guess I thought that lead and brass didn't oxidize, so maybe the casing and bullet was made out of something else.

    There are a couple old shotgun shells made out of cardboard I think... what's the chance of old ammo ever exploding on its own?

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    Pretty nil as far as chances of ammo exploding on its on. The primer would have to be set off for anything to happen and in case of a fire, a heavy moving blanket and the normal fire gear is about all that is needed to protect a fireman.

    If the ammo predated smokeless powder and was black powder (prior to 1900) then you would have a little more worry. I possibly would just take a pair of pliers and separate the bullet from the casing if I had any worry and then throw it in the trash. I'd probably just throw it in the trash. A bullet going off when not under the compression in a barrel is pretty much an insignificant event.
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    Take it to a local gun show - people there will buy just about anything. The old paper shotgun shells may be worth something

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    This is how I dispose of any kind of ammo.....

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    ***Do this at your own risk***

    Don't know what the right answer is, however when I was a kid they used to put the corroded ammo in a coffee can and the coffee can in a metal bucket. No lids on any thing. They would then set the metal bucket on a fire and let the rounds cook off. Not sure how many they did at a time but I do remember them counting the bangs. An occasional case would fly out of the bucket and the bullets would just melt in the bottom of the can. Don’t ever remember anyone getting hit by anything.

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    I pull it down, the powder goes in the flower bed, the projectile goes in the smelting pot, the primer is squirted with a penetrating fluid and the case is smashed and goes in the salvage bucket. Nothing is wasted. After the core is smelted out of the jacket the jacket goes in the salvage bucket. When the salvage bucket is full it goes to be sold to recycling and I start over filling the bucket.
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    the cardboard cased shotgun shells would be my buggest concern as they may be black powder ( an explosive) as compared to smokeless powder ( a propellant).
    I would actually just take them to the local police station and let them dispose of them if you don't have reloading equipment to disassemble them.
    modern ammunition is pretty darned stable as to moving,bumping, dropping and it going off.
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