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Thread: Ladies and gents, I present to you!.....

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    Thumbs up Ladies and gents, I present to you!.....

    The proper usage of PA's castle doctrine. This man stuck to his rights as a citizen and defended him self to the fullest extent during a possibly fatal (for him) confrontation. The man was a CCW holder. It is unfortunate that there where fatalities as no one wants to kill anyone I'm sure. However this was presented as a life and death situation. I salute the man for knowing his rights and defending him self. It is sad that things come down to this. Hopefully the public will use this as a learning tool, to see and comprehend that there may be consequences for their aggression, and the target of that aggression does not have to fear defending themselves. So while many of you might have heard of this, and those that have not, this is what is now legal in PA. Rightfully so I might add. If anyone is offended by my comments I apologize. I'm not here to stir anything at all. I just want to state that I believe in the way the system is heading for defense of citizens in Pennsylvania. Also I put this here because the man was ccw but if it needs moved etc. then have at it. Have a good day all. I know I will now that my little corner of PA is safer for myself and my family.

    Pennsylvania Man, 65, Fatally Shoots Teen Who Pushed Him Off Bicycle | Fox News
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    This was brought up twice a couple weeks ago i believe. Here's a link to the original thread. Saw no point in sending you to the second one since the only reply was mine directing it to the first thread.

    Teens learn a hard lesson.
    "I am a better American today because of Barack Obama. Hear it loud, hear it clearly. I am a better American today because of Barack Obama. I know what my country has done, both good and bad. I have a deep appreciation of what this country is and what the American people are capable of. This is not a setback. This is a challenge and believe me, the American people are up to the challenge,...." -Glenn Beck



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